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I was in the mood for doing some cooking this week. I started on Thursday by doing up a batch of Carmel Corn. (My late Mother’s recipe).

Yesterday morning I cooked a couple of pounds of bacon to have on hand for when we have salad. (It keeps the lettuce from sticking together 🙄)

Then yesterday I baked chocolate chip cookies with my sister, Lorraine. Since we are a few hundred miles apart, we couldn’t judge them on a taste test – but it doesn’t look like either of us burnt them, so we will call it a win-win 👍. Chances are the hundreds of miles between us saved our cookies. We baked a ton of buns together one time, burnt the lot, and tried to stash them in a garbage bag before our husbands came in for lunch. On the off chance that they did not notice that the house reeked of burnt buns, the bag fell over when they walked in the door and about two hundred blackened buns rolled out – one by one by one. Saddest friggin parade I have ever seen. 🤣🤣🤣

I don’t use Keg Spice in my cookies 🤔

The only thing I am making today are croutons for our Caesar Salad tonight. Is there any reason why croutons have become scarce as hen’s teeth and rediculously expensive lately? Have the TP hoarders turned their attention to croutons? It seems odd. 🧐

Hope everyone is having a great December weekend💞 ❄️

Ps for Neese – my recipe collection leaves is less than elegant but here you go!


19 thoughts on “Kitchen News

  1. 1. Your caramel corn looks absolutely amazing! Would love to have that recipe.
    2. Bacon enhances the taste of everything.
    3. The friggin burnt roll parade is hysterical.
    4. Croutons still available for a buck a bag in Michigan, but haven’t found a 4 ounce bottle of Kitchen Bouquet (color and flavor enhancer for gravy) in 8 months.
    Thanks for sharing and the hearty laugh Annemarie…Denise

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  2. My husband was disappointed that I did not add bacon to the chocolate chip cookies. The burnt roll parade was hysterical. As were the dazed and confused looks on our husbands faces. I live in Canada and our Superstore is reduced to selling about 6 croutons for $3.00 a container. I would be happy to share the recipe but no idea how to attach it in the comments. I will go back and edit it into the post. 🤷


  3. Oh man the carmel corn looks so goooood! And I can add more nuts(Cracker Jacks got chintzy with them)
    Croutons are easy to make. Melt butter,all fave spices(garlic&oregano for me)brush over bread slices and toast. I used a toaster oven. Few minutes then dice bread slices.

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  4. I have added pecans and cashews instead of peanuts a few times. That is pretty good.
    For croutons, I cut Texas toast bread into squares, spray with olive oil, sprinkle with spices and Parmesan cheese and cook them in my Actifry air frier for ten minutes. I have to do a loaf in two batches. I don’t have a toaster oven. I wanted to get one last week but we don’t have room for any more appliances. 🥺


  5. Yeah,I like the gadgets but they take up space. I used toaster ovens when regular oven was out of commission or I didnt want to overheat house in summer😰

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  6. Thanks for the recipe and I LOVE that’s it’s written in cursive on a sheet of crinkly paper! Years ago my son (he was single) asked for some of our family’s favorite recipes. I said I’d copy a few for him. “Ma, just send them to me in an email or message or take a picture.” “No I want you to have a few written out in my half printed/written scrawl, so when I’m not here anymore you’ll have some recipes that mean something.” I bought a neat recipe box and and jotted down my top 20 for him…Neese

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  7. I love that you wrote out recipes for your son. When my son Danny left home, I wrote out some of my recipes for him in a notebook. A couple of weeks later he called and said he had made my chocolate/ almond cheesecake. I asked if it was as good as mine and he said “uh, well, it was actually better”. 😂 He actually is a very good cook. Now we exchange recipes. 🙂


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