It takes a bit of effort to get there and stay there, but living peacefully is nice. In my mind, it is the easiest, happiest, most fulfilling, and most productive way to live. All good things come through peace. 🙂

So… Why are so many people in the world today hellbent on being miserable, confrontational, and angry? This isn’t just a one situation thing, it appears to be the norm in so many situations.

1. Politics – Someone devotes years and fortunes to becoming a political ‘leader’. They make it to the top, are given the reigns of power to do good for a city, province, or country. What do they do? They waste their time and power fighting the ‘next’ election and attacking other political leaders. They are angry, miserable and unproductive and they encourage their supporters to be angry, miserable, and unproductive. Why? Is that what they were elected to office for? Should it get them re-elected? 🤷

2. Corporations and their employees – Most people spend countless hours of their lives working. A lot of these people spend way too much time battling with co-workers. Even the professional associations (unions, small business associations, large business groups) spend more time creating and encouraging problems between company departments and the people in them, than they do working to resolve problems. Why? Corporations cannot possibly thrive if no one is willing to work together, and yet it is a problem in virtually every corporation. 🤷

3. Families – There was a time when families stuck together. Most families – most of the time. Now days it takes nothing to shatter and destroy a family. Even families that are relatively unbroken can be made miserable by those members who are incapable of being reasonable and pleasant. There are so many people who go through life so busy looking for a battle that they cannot even get along with those who they should be closest to. Why? Your family should be your support system. You should be supportive of those in your family. 🤷

4. Society in General – In this day and age, why are there so many people who cannot seem to co-exist peacefully with others? There is a new protest every day. There are new radical groups every day, pushing for their rights and only their rights. There are groups formed for the sole purpose of being miserable. We had one guy here who started a Facebook page dedicated to posting photos of poor parking, to shame the ‘offending parkers’. He wanted people to get up every day and deliberately look for something that would annoy them. 🤦. Another group, I encounter frequently on social media lately, are those who demand the right to be offensive and they attack anyone who is offended by them. 😂. Why? Why do so many people want to be so miserable, for the sake of being miserable?

I cannot imagine why so many people invest so much time and effort into being angry, indignant, bitter and the like. I cannot imagine what they get out of it. I cannot imagine what they think the payoff is for them – happiness, love, prosperity, health? Peace? 🙄


17 thoughts on “Why???

  1. I have the same thoughts and questions on the subjects you have mentioned here. Every day I wonder if it is going to get better soon or will it only worsen. As long as there are so many instigating anger and violence I fear it will not get better anytime soon. So very sad with all the violence and anger in so many places.

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  2. The pandemic is partially to blame, it has been really hard on ALL of us, but the pandemic is only partly to blame. As I read somewhere, “It has brought out the best and the worst in people”. Hang in there, not everyone is negative, though I confess, it’s been a challenge to find joy some days, and peace as well.

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  3. It is true that these have been very challenging times but seems all the more reason for people to try to be a bit less difficult? You are right about it bringing out the best and the worst in people. A lot of people have stepped up and there are a lot of people who have made the best of things this year – even if it was not the year anyone was hoping for.

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  4. It’s been very heavy and for the people who socialize a lot, it must be super difficult. I am a bit of a homebody myself and I’ve found it hard so I can only imagine how my more extroverted friends are finding it.

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  5. I have totally enjoyed most of my time in seclusion this year, but you are right – there are some who have found it very difficult and lonely. It would be hard to be totally alone – especially for extroverts! I have Dan and he has been working so he is my link to the world.

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  6. I have been working on and off. My hubby is retired so I guess I am his “window on the world” in a way. We have a friend who is the consummate social butterfly. He lives alone and this pandemic has been incredibly hard for him.

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