Day One – The Sky’s The Limit

After much deliberation, I decided to kick off my June ‘Accentuate the Positive’ blogging challenge with a salute to our province – The Land of the Living Skies (Saskatchewan).

In Saskatchewan, our skies stretch forth as far as the eye can see, unimpeded by mountains, or skyscrapers, or the like. Our winds also blow unimpeded by such natural or man-made windbreaks. Thus, we not only see anything in our skies, chances are it is moving and constantly changing – giving one the impression that they are in fact ‘Living Skies’.

A nearby park, covered with blue sky and wispy clouds.
Summer sky over Wascana Creek
Cloudy skies 😢
Double rainbow after a summer shower.
A clear blue sky beaming down on the Jag we used to have. It was gorgeous – the Jag and the sky. 😂
Sky in the Water – I think that used to be a song🤔
I love it when that happens. 💞

One down, twenty nine to go! Have a good day and I hope to see you tomorrow! 🌞


20 thoughts on “Day One – The Sky’s The Limit

  1. Nice way to start June, Anne Marie. I love clouds and have not ever been to Saskatchewan, so it’s really nice to enjoy them from your view. See you tomorrow…

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  2. Sorry Anne Marie, just yanking your chain. I knew there had to be some summer weather up there or you wouldn’t have planted such a beautiful garden…

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  3. Beautiful photos!! I Love the clouds and all the living sky can bring and so COOL to see your area since I’ve never visited!! I will be riding around on my horses and enjoying the weather, I try and take it all in every day!! Your rainbow photo is one of my favorites! I can’t believe it’s June 1st!! ❤️

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