Day 2 – Pawsitively Adorable

I couldn’t get too deep into my June ‘Accent the Positive’ challenge without sharing some moments with our precious Cavalier Kat. Our lives would not be the same without her. πŸ’ž

When Dan and I decided (ok Dan agreedπŸ˜‚) to get another dog, I wanted something small and manageable. Dan wanted a ‘real dog – not a pocket-size accessory’. We decided on a Cavalier – sight unseen. When I picked her up, she was so tiny. She could fit in the palm of my hand. I was a little leary about Dan’s reaction to her size, but she snuck right into his heart – and she quickly grew into a fair size dog (15kg.)

Kat’s first ride home. Early June 2013
Kat & her big sister – the late and so great Casey. (Casey was an American Eskimo/Pomeranian. She was intelligent, empathetic, and protective of our grandbabies, our elderly parents, and anyone human or animal who was sick, injured, or fragile in any way).
Discovering the garden planters. I have no idea how she got up there. 🀷
Taking a dip with Genie, Dom, and I in one of our smaller monster pools.
Who let the dogs out? (Song of the day🎢). Visiting at our son Dan’s with Baccardi and Cornelius
Looking for a snack. Always!
Out walking – sort of. We have to stop to check out every tree, gopher hole, fence post and the like. πŸ™„
And, Kat’s favourite pastime – nap time. 😴
Thank you for dropping by! Have a great dayπŸ’ž

Two days down! Twenty-eight to go. See you tomorrow. 🌞


35 thoughts on “Day 2 – Pawsitively Adorable

  1. You’re right. Look at those big beautiful eyes! How can you not love this little pooch. Kat is just.. lovely β™₯

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  2. I don’t even know what she thinks she is. She twisted a paw last winter trying to fly off of our back landing to catch a squirrel on an overhead wire. The squirrel looked at her sprawled out in our back yard and shook his head.

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  3. We think Kat is adorable and she is a very nice size for a city dog. So.. she is great for us. But she isn’t the brightest dog we have had and she is not great with little kids. It’s not that she is aggressive – she just thinks they are puppies so she tends to knock them over and steal their food. The grandkids are used to her but I wouldn’t let her lose around other kids.


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