Day 2 – Pawsitively Adorable

This is a reblog from some time ago. Just thought these pics were too cute not to reshare. 🤗

I couldn’t get too deep into my June ‘Accent the Positive’ challenge without sharing some moments with our precious Cavalier Kat. Our lives would not be the same without her. 💞 When Dan and I decided (ok Dan agreed😂) to get another dog, I wanted something small and manageable. Dan wanted a ‘real dog – […]

Day 2 – Pawsitively Adorable

12 thoughts on “Day 2 – Pawsitively Adorable

  1. I loved all the photos of Kat! Love the one at the door, where she seems to be saying “Why am I out here and not in there?” And the one on the planter, like “Hey, look what I can do!” 🙂

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  2. I loved the decision to get a “real dog.” I started out wanting a little dog but quickly realized that we too wanted a “real dog,” and got yet another Australian Shepherd!

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  3. We still had our 14 year old dog when we got Kat. Poor Casey – Kat would eat her food, walk over her, walk under her. Puppies are work – even for senior dogs in the household. But so stinking adorable!

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