August 11 – Growing Up & Growing Old

Brook & Genie

I had a number of reasons to feel grateful yesterday.  One of my favourites was a short visit from two of our granddaughters – Brook and Genie.  Brook was  in town and she dropped by  to tell me that by Christmas I would be a great-grandmother!    I love babies, tots, kids, tweens, teens and as high as our grands take it.  But seriously – I am going to be a 😳😳😳 great-grandmother! 

Genie as newborn – now 17

Becoming a grandmother seventeen years ago was a bit of a wake up call but I could work with it.  Genie called her mother ‘Mommy’ and I was ‘Mom’ (That is what everybody else called me in those days 🤷).

Rory at 3 yrs old – now 16

Rory followed soon after, but due to medical issues – specifically muscle and joint issue – he barely spoke for quite some time.  Dan was ‘HaHa’.  I was more of an ‘AhAh’.

Gabby at 3 yrs old – now 16

Gabby was next. We seldom saw her so she was a bit too shy around us to throw the ‘Grandma’ word around willy nilly.

Brook at 6 – Genie at 4     Now 20 &  17

Brook was five when she was brought into the family and she already had a Grandma.  I have always been ‘Anne’ to her.

Maddy at 2 yrs old – now 11

Then Maddy came along and there was no denying.  I was ‘GRANDMA’.  Grandma, grandma, grandma…. Maddy started speaking fluently when she was about five minutes old and ‘Grandma’ was her magic word.  After the seventeenth ‘Grandma’ in a row, Maddy scored whatever she ‘needed’ – panties, sneakers, McDonalds, boots,  Playdoh, coloring books and one balloon on a stick! 😂

           Prim at 6, Lucas at 4, Cason at 4 mos.  Now 9, 6, & 2          

Since Maddy, four more grands have joined the family.   Prim, Lucas, and Cason joined ranks with Maddy.  ‘Grandma’ became official and I officially got older.

Dom at 2 yrs – now 6

Except for Dominic.  He insists on calling me ‘Nana’.  In turn, I call him ‘Fred’.  He does not like it but he has yet to figure a work-around. 😁

With one more grand on the way in November, now I have to face reality at a new level. Great-Grandmother!

Regardless, it will all be worth it to have another little one in the family. We are beginning a new generation and I am sure each and every one of these babes will be unique, amazing, and someone in our lives to be infinitely grateful for.

The trick is to age honestly and gracefully and make it look so great that everyone looks forward to it.”

– Emma Thompson

(What a lovely legacy to leave one’s growing family!)

Wishing all a great day! See you tomorrow 💞


17 thoughts on “August 11 – Growing Up & Growing Old

  1. lol. Thanks for sharing your grandkids. You’re not too far ahead of us. I think now you’re supposed to sit on the porch in a rocking chair wearing a crocheted shawl and those half-glass readers down on the end of your nose with knitting and a cat on your lap. Hound dog, corncob pipe and shotgun optional.

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