August 16 – More Wedding Prep

It is days away from my son’s wedding and I am getting ready for the drive and the big day.  There is not that much I had to do – hotel reservations,  haircut,  outfit to wear,  gift, that sort of thing.  Husband Dan will get the Jeep ready.  Son Dan and Amanda have their  arrangements all made so there is little to be done for them.

Now, my biggest challenge is getting myself ready.   Son Dan is a good man and we are delighted that we are able to go to celebrate his marriage to Amanda.   Amanda is an amazing partner for him.   She is funny and intelligent and caring and bursting with the energy necessary to keep up with Dan and their three children plus run  her own small business! Most of all she is always saying that she is  grateful for Dan, as we know he is for her.  That is so huge for both of them and their relationship.   Many couples focus on the faults of their partners.  It is heartwarming to see a couple who constantly  focus on each other’s strengths.

So, we are happy for them and we look forward to seeing them and celebrating with them.  But, all is not roses.  There are a couple of challenges going into this weekend. 

The first being that we will be spending a weekend with my ex and his wife.  To be honest, I do not have an issue with my ex being there.  He is the father of my son (and his siblings).   We have been divorced longer than we were married.  Quite frankly the last few years of our marriage were so bad that I never wanted either of us to hold any lingering animosity or the such once it ended.   I do have issues with his wife.  For the past twenty years she has been on some mission to rewrite our history, discredit me, victimize my ex, and basically (with the help of my ex’s family)  brainwash my sons into believing her version of our past.   

The second challenge is that our Prime Minister called a federal election yesterday.  This should hardly be a cause for alarm at a wedding party for a loving couple and their beautiful blended family.  Except, this party is being held at a Saskatchewan/Alberta border city.   Chances are, this will get ugly. I do not care that I do not agree with the politics of most of the people who will be there. I seldom, if ever bother to argue politics with others. But, there is a time a place and I would easily get upset if anyone decided that this would be a good time or place to start a political rant.  

So…. I have my work cut out for me this week!  I am digging way deep to fill my heart and soul with enough peace and love and happiness to get through this weekend with a positive mindset.  I want to add to the joy of this weekend for Dan, Amanda and their family.  I want to have a good weekend away with my husband Dan. I want to enjoy this very special weekend! 💞

I just finished a nice meditation, which I enjoyed in my little  space under our big tree.  I am feeling good and feeling surrounded by an energy of peace and contentment.   Now I just have to build on these feelings and I will be the ‘Mother of the Groom‘ that I truly wish to be. 👍

Please wish me luck, and keep me in your thoughts and prayers.   All will be truly appreciated! I don’t know how many can relate. This is one of those situations that may sound rediculous but that can be totally challenging to find oneself in.  🙄

I have little Dom here this week to help me attain the right mindset. He definitely has the ‘peace’ vibe going right now. 🥱

Take care, have a great day and see you tomorrow! 💞


21 thoughts on “August 16 – More Wedding Prep

  1. My thoughts and prayers are with you for this upcoming wedding. I can totally relate as I do not like any family drama of any kind and try and stay as peaceful and calm as I can in these situations. Praying for happiness for everyone!! You are doing a great job being in the right mindset to enjoy seeing this beautiful couple get married!! ❤️❤️❤️ I hope it all goes well!

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  2. I hope the wedding is everything you hope it will be. I feel for you in the situation with your ex’s current wife. It’s horrible when people – who really know nothing about us all – paint a distressingly negative picture of us, and describe us in ways that are simply not true. And I hate when people want to start political discussions with me, even although I always vote and care about what happens in my country! (I’m guessing you are Canadian too?)

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  3. Yes, we are in Saskatchewan. People don’t want you to exercise your right to vote they want you to vote the way they tell you to vote. 😂. As for the other situation – I really don’t care how or why she trash talks me. The worst is how her and his family have tried to brainwash my sons. They were old enough to remember when I took them and left that situation. Sometimes they question the BS they are told but it still messes with them.

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  4. Yes, I agree. People want you to vote the way they vote. They don’t want to listen to anything other than their own views.
    I’m sorry about your sons. Our only hope is that over time they will doubt the lies they have been told because they know us well, and know what our true character is ❤️

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  5. I would never create a scene at anything – especially not at Dan and Amanda’s big day. 💞. I am just concerned about some of their other guests. There is nothing I can do about it but I just want everything to go smoothly for Dan & Amanda. (Or at any wedding for that matter). Nowadays you just never know when it comes to people and their politics.


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