August 25th – Time Flies!

It seems like we were just cleaning the patios and planting the garden and here we are with autumn bearing down on us! The seasons seem to pass faster every year. 😳

Dan emptied the pool this morning πŸ˜₯
Grandpa’s Bleeding Heart is done for the year. 😟
The wildflowers around the birdbath are looking rough.

I have never been a fan of autumn but there is still much to be grateful for. I am grateful for the fresh garden produce that we are enjoying every day, grateful that I have Dan to manage much of the heavy fall cleaning, grateful that I am not facing a winter of dark and icy drives to work (YAY), grateful for the end of mosquitoes and other bugs, and of course I am grateful that I am still here to enjoy each and every day!

Kat’s new food chock full of goodness and fresh garden vegetables and herbs.
At least the petunias are still blooming!

Wishing everyone a great day. Take care and see you tomorrow!


22 thoughts on “August 25th – Time Flies!

  1. It is warm enough some days to use a pool but the temp at night drops below 5-10c so the water gets pretty frigid. We buy Kat meat Kibble and we put meat in all of the food we make her. Today it was chicken hearts. Sometimes it is ground beef or ground turkey or chicken livers. She gets a variety.

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  2. Kat’s food looks fit for a queen. I love the colors of the tree leaves in autumn. I too like seeing those insects go away. I wish I knew what all I could feed my little dog to fix him great meals like Kat gets. Your petunias are still beautiful.

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  3. Thank you! We use chicken hearts, liver, or gizzards or ground turkey or beef. Most vegetables except onion/garlic family. I always check fruits and herbs because they can be dicier. We always put plain gelatin in Kat’s food. It binds everything together and gelatin is really good for her joints. We haven’t had any problems but we check anything new online before adding it to her food.

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  4. Lucky doggo. When I looked a second time I understood it was food for Kat. First time I thought about asking what you called it. Looks like our “biksemad” (basicly “just” leftovers but so yummy). Give me a small bowl next to Kat and I’ll taste it for sure 😁

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  5. Anytime! If you start making your pup some food, feel free to ask me about any questionable ingredients. I have read quite a bit on what dogs should and shouldn’t eat. If So don’t know, I can ask my daughter-in-law. She is a vet tech and specializes in animal nutrition.

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