November 8th – Patience

Patience and diligence, like faith, removes mountains.

  – William Penn

There is no doubt great wisdom in those few words, if I had any mountains causing me grief. What I have are molehills, those little bumps in the road that one encounters on a regular basis in life.

These past few days, there have been more molehills than road.   Doctor appointments, nausea inducing antibiotics, and an oven that decided it was done doing what ovens ought to do, yesterday – just as I had a pan of brownies that needed some oven time. 

Fortunately, we just bought a toaster oven.   But since one cannot put a pyrex pan in a toaster oven, I transferred the brownie mix to a pan that came with the oven.  A pan which is obviously not built for brownies.   I buttered the hell out of it and hoped for the best.

Baking brownies

I don’t know if these are the BEST brownies I ever baked but they are pretty good.  Getting them out of the pan was NOT – not good at all.  I have no idea where the butter went but it was definitely gone.   I’m not sure if it was the battle getting the pan to give up the brownies, or if it was the nauseating antibiotics I am on, but I had heart palpitations for the rest of the day yesterday.  🙄

But,  today is a new day!  I got up, tossed back another antibiotic and Dan and I set out to purchase a new stove.   We went through three stores and ended up with a choice of one stove that is in stock and semi close to what we want.  When did it get so difficult to buy a new stove?  At the last store I seriously considered a stainless steel gas range BUT – we would have had to buy a new fridge to match it.    We checked sixteen fridges and there was not one that was relatively normal and functional.  Dan liked the one with a digital front panel that would show the contents of the fridge at the touch of a button. 👍

Actually, what struck me in that store, was that half of the floor models looked like they had fallen off the transport truck and been dragged through the parking lot.  One stove had the oven handle ripped off, one fridge had a huge dent and scrape on the face of it, another fridge had a latch that was inoperable.   I wasn’t comfortable buying anything there.    I have no idea why their appliances were such a mess.   It was not a discount store by any means.

So, we are back at home. I checked a few more stores online. I found one stove that was doable and it can be delivered as soon as – next March! Apparently, appliances have become the latest casualty of the pandemic. 🤦

That’s is it for today! We are still in the market for a stove with a working oven. We will no doubt find one to serve our purposes in the days to come. One more molehill down.

Take care & have a great day. 💞


35 thoughts on “November 8th – Patience

  1. The brownies look so delicious, Annmarie! It shouldn’t be so difficult to find a replacement oven, wow! All beat up too, I’d go elsewhere. My toaster oven runs great except for the fan that crapped out. I hope you feel better soon.

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  2. Thanks, John. They aren’t bad. Done these antibiotics tomorrow! You wouldn’t think it would be that difficult but the stoves they make now days are crap with a bunch of electronics that will be shot in a couple of years.

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  3. We’re looking for a new stove, too. Electric. Partly because I forget to turn off gas burners, partly to get out of fossil fuels. We have to wait, though. The one we’re ordering won’t come until spring! Supply chain issues!

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  4. Sometimes we are able to summon great faith for a mountain, but you are right. It’s those molehills of everyday life that often get us down. Good luck for your stove hunt and pray you get to feeling better soon.

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  5. It is as bad here. At least far as appliances, technology and the like. Many of the stoves we looked at seemed so flimsy, the drawers were difficult to open, and getting the door off the oven takes brute force that I don’t possess. The salesman even said they are nothing like when we bought ours 20 years ago.

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  6. I wish you all the best in getting a stove soon. There are many people I know that have had to wait months for replacements or parts to repair their appliances that bit the dust. Hope you are feeling great very soon.

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  7. Thank you, Frony. I hope we get a new stove sooner than later but we are very fortunate that it is only the oven that died so we still have the top elements, microwave, toaster convection oven, and other appliances that we can cook on. We don’t have to panic until it is time to cook the Christmas turkey and if worse comes to worse, we can do that on the barbecue. Took my last antibiotic this morning, so I am feeling better already! Have a great day. ☀️

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  8. Ha! Ha! I hadn’t thought about wearing out appliances because everyone was home. We’re retired, so we are always home. The appliances that came with the house are wearing out. Some of them could be 14 years old.

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  9. It is great to hear you have all those choices to do your cooking. I too hope you have a new stove sooner than later. I am happy for you that you have taken your last antibiotic, stay well Anne.

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