November 22 – Faith

Faith is one of the most powerful gifts we can possess and yet one that we seem to struggle with our entire lives. Personally, I tend to access this power when things are either great in my life or when they are terrible. When things are great, it is relatively easy to have faith. When things are terrible, it takes more effort to have faith but having attained that mindset, the results can be nothing short of miraculous. I have seen the miraculous. Today, I share some ‘words of wisdom’ on faith. I hope they can inspire us all, regardless of our current circumstances.

“Your faith can move mountains and your doubts can create them.” – Unknown

“Faith, it’s all about believing. You don’t know how it will happen. But you know it will.” – Unknown

“Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase.” – Martin Luther King Jr.

“Let your faith be bigger than your fears.” – Hebrews 13.6

“Sometimes your only available transportation is a leap of faith.” – Margaret Shephard

True faith is not a leap into the dark; It’s a leap into the light.” – Eric Metaxas

“Faith is seeing light with your heart when all your eyes see is darkness.” – Unknown

“That’s the thing about faith. It works.” – Lauren Oliver

That’s it for today, folks! Take care and have a great day.πŸ’ž


15 thoughts on “November 22 – Faith

  1. Thank you so much for this post, Ms. Annemarie. I desperately needed it today. I grapple with faith, for very personal reasons — I lost my brother (who was a deeply devout Christian) to suicide several years ago, and it shook my world to the core. It is a struggle to believe that there is a benevolent being out there that would allow such a thing to happen, but I do try to reconnect with universal harmony, when I am able. I cannot tell you how much I appreciated this small window of light in a rather murky morning. In Gratitude, Ellie

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  2. Lovely post and I love all the quotes and the photos are the best!! I was going to choose a favorite, but reading back through I love them all. I’m going to keep the faith!! πŸ’ž

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