February 3rd – Shingles Vaccine

Looking back at previous blogs that I have posted, I came across this one regarding my run in with shingles.


Since I wrote this we have had global debate and debacle over vaccines. I understand this, but still felt this post was worthy of update.

While you may be reluctant to get the vaccine for shingles (or anything else right now) I would like to share a bit more information on shingles.

1) Anyone who has had chicken pox, regardless of age, can get shingles. When I had shingles, and in the weeks after, I heard horror stories from people of all ages, who had experienced this horrid condition.

2) Shingles can erupt anywhere on one’s body. I had it on my face and scalp (particularly nasty as it can cause loss of sight, hearing, and permanent disfigurement). I heard of people experiencing outbreaks on their shoulder, back, waist, and thighs.

3) The first sign of shingles may not be a painful, itchy, crusty rash. Mine started with stabbing pain, seemingly deep in my sinuses. Next, there was redness and swelling and my eye was bloodshot. There was one small obvious blister on my forehead, which did not register with me due to everything else causing me misery and discomfort.

4) There is medical treatment available – but one must start treatment within 72 hours of initial signs of outbreak. I was fortunate that while I had no idea that I had shingles, I did go to my doctor on time and was able to receive effective treatment.

I wouldn’t wish shingles on anyone. I would still advise anyone 50 or over, who has had chicken pox, to get the shingles vaccine. If you choose not to, I hope this information helps you to identify the condition if you ever have a breakout and that you are able to get the treatment before you are faced with months of devastating pain and worse. I heard so many stories of people who went through hell with shingles. You really don’t want to become one of them.

That’s it for today. Take care and have a great day! πŸ’ž


32 thoughts on “February 3rd – Shingles Vaccine

  1. One of my close family members had Shingles a few years ago. Neither she nor I remember or ever thought we had had chickenpox. I really should get the shot, I have thought about it off and on. I am glad you were able to get treatment to help you, Anne.

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  2. I am sorry you dealt with it but glad you recovered. I think most people do but unfortunately that is not always the case. My Mom’s best friend had shingles and they recurred for years.


  3. So am I! I think a lot of people wait too long for it to be effective. I would never have guessed I had shingles and I generally wait a few days in hopes things will go away.The only reason I went to the doctor so soon was because I thought it was my sinuses and my Dad died from cancer of the sinuses.


  4. We just got our shingles shots about a month ago. It was on our list of things to do in March of 2020 so it never happened then. Shingles can be so devastating. Glad you got treatment in time.

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  5. Hello from the UK

    Many thanks for your post. I had chicken pox as a child, although I have no detailed memory now and my mother is no longer alive to check with. My father I doubt would know.

    The issue with chicken pox and shingles which I only understood once I researched aged 60 years in 2020 is vitamin D deficiency. This has become worse over the years due to indoor living and working.

    The lowest time of year in the northern hemisphere is typically February above certain latitudes, so this is when many fall ill with various symptoms.

    There will be other issues due to toxicosis of the body due to the many poisons in the environment in air, food and water.

    Kind regards

    Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson
    Please excuse the nom-de-plume, this is as much for fun as a riddle for people to solve if they wish.

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  6. Thank you! I agree with you on the vitamin deficiencies issues. (Although too much vitamin D causes kidney stones so it is a matter of finding the best level.). I have been taking vitamin D supplements for over a decade and it has made a huge improvement in my overall well being. I also avoid any. chemicals that I can as I am so affected by anything chemically scented – air fresheners, scented cleaning products, scented antiperspirant and the like. )

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  7. I am very glad to hear this. I gather having K-2 with the D helps against the calcium build up which I imagine is the kidney stone issues.

    I believe vitamin C as a mild acid (and much better than citric acid) also deals with this.

    My wife and I are supplementing in this way, although I am not taking too much. We are much more careful and are buying more organically nowadays (we grow what we can).

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  8. Thank you, yes indeed. I boost this on a weekly basis. I have odd unbalanced thyroxine levels due possibly to immuno-therapy I had. This is relatively early days, I believe, in the research available but I do have one article indicating pituitary damage caused after 39 weeks from start of treatment.

    I stopped the treatment for other reasons, and only found this out later. Although I have yet to have another blood test to see if the levels are balancing out, I sense I am getting on a more even keel as it were.

    Thanks again.

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  9. I have a genetic collagen disorder that affects all of my body and how I absorb a lot of vitamins and minerals. I have found vitamin D and B12 make a big difference for me. I also take Lutein for my eyes and have my husband taking it as well. Both of our optometrists say we have very healthy eyes for our age and our ‘issues’ – mine the collagen thing and Dan works in a steel mill.

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