February 6th – Winter Flu

The post that I chose to update today was short and to the point. My husband and I were battling a severe flu with the less than enthusiastic support of our little dog, Kat.


This innocuous post from early 2020 marked the early days of the Covid pandemic. While it was before the advent of Covid testing and treatment, I have no doubt that it was Covid and not the typical, or even atypical winter flu that we experienced.

  • Update on the winter flu of 2020
  • Personally, the ‘flu’ of 2020 continues to affect my health and physical well-being.
  • Nationally and globally, it has had detrimental effects on the lives of countless.
  • It has highlighted the heroic efforts of countless – from healthcare workers who continue to fight losing battles, to retail workers who have kept basic necessities on shelves and in our home throughout, to truckers and couriers who have operated under difficult, dehumanizing conditions, especially when hotels, motels, and restaurants were shuttered, to teachers who have struggled to educate and protect their students, to politicians who have worked to juggle healthcare, the economy, education, and social well being – with the support of few and the contempt of many. It has brought out all of the heroic among us who worked to serve others, while struggling themselves and caring for their own loved ones.
  • Saddest of all (in my mind), it has brought out the worst among us – those who have used this crisis to take advantage of others – the hoarders who have been the cause of most shortages, the greedy who have capitalized on shortages and the needs of others, the heartless who have written off the suffering and deaths of others as inconsequential, and finally those who continue to fight for their ‘rights’ regardless of the rights and needs of which they are depriving others.
  • There is no way for any of us to know how or when this will all end. Seeing the direction many have taken in Canada during the past few days, I cannot see it ending peacefully and with a genuine attitude of co-operation or consideration, without which I do not see an end. 🀷

Covid began so innocently for all of us. I wonder how this time will be remembered and judged going forward. I wonder how current and future generations will be changed – for better or worse.

That’s it for today. Take care and have a great rest of the day. πŸ’ž


23 thoughts on “February 6th – Winter Flu

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  2. World War II and the Great Depression were eras before my time and I learned about them as complete stories with perspectives fully developed. How interesting for people living through major events, knowing they are significant but not understanding them as well as people coming after them will. When the stock market crashes in 1929, when Pearl Harbor is bombed, when the Pandemic starts, nobody knows outcomes or how long it will take to get to those outcomes.

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  3. Cute puppy!
    I’ll bet you did have covid at that time. Same happened to me in Feb. of 2020. It was different from any flu I’d ever had. Being hospitalized and on oxygen for over a week and then at home many lingering effects. It was right before they started talking or testing about covid.

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  4. Well said, Anne. I think too that you both had COVID. I am glad you recovered and did not have to be in the hospital Some say it will never end, some say it will end soon. Masks and vaccinations, easy things for us to do. I often wonder how it would be today if more had chosen to protect themselves, and others by wearing a mask and getting vaccinated as soon as the shots were available.

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  5. That is the thing. Nobody knows so they think their opinion is right. I think without the mandates we had in place there would have been far more devastating results than there have been. I think we should be cautious about throwing them to the wind.

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