February 12th – Note to Self…

Back in July of 2020, there were difficult situations in my life. My fractured family, my failing health, issues with our house, concerns of a global pandemic, living in a province where I strongly disagree with the politics and the attitudes of much of the population … All things that really matter deeply to me. In response, I put together this blog post – filled with butterfly photos and reminding myself that regardless of how difficult life can be, there is always hope and peace and beauty to appreciate and to carry one through the difficulties, disappointments, and the disasters in our lives.


Nearly two years later, it is time for an update!

My mother used to say. “Cheer up, things could be worse! So I cheered up and sure as hell, things got worse.

That pretty much sums things up, with a couple of notable exceptions. Our weather is considerably worse this February than it was in July back then. AND… our country has gone to hell in a hand basket thanks to those who have decided that their rights are more important than anyone else’s right to live in a peaceful, functional, law abiding country … and the politicians who relate to and support their lawlessness … and the politicians who do not step up and deal with this nonsense.

One thing has not changed – my belief that hope and peace and beauty will carry me through. Sometimes we do not get to control situations that affect us. Sometimes we can only control how we react.

So…. Here is me reacting with hope and peace and beauty. 🌿🕊️🌹

Hope 😊
Beauty 🤗
Peace 😌

That is it for today. Take care and have a great day. 💞


29 thoughts on “February 12th – Note to Self…

  1. Thank you Anne for sharing some photos of beautiful things. That first photo is so sweet. We can only hope that it will all get better and we need to keep looking for and enjoying the beauty around us. Have a great day and be safe.

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  2. I can really identify with this. In Alberta our fearful leader is pandering to that crowd. I am so weary of it all. I know, we ALL are, weary of the pandemic, weary of selfishness, just weary!

    I thank you for sharing your beautiful photos.We definitely need a large dose of hope. And sometimes we can find it, if we have eyes to see, in the beauty that surrounds us.

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  3. Thank you for this lovely post! This is a perspective that the Stoics may appreciate.

    We seem to have a similar outlook on the state of affairs in Canada. I regulate the amount of news I consume lest I become too unhappy, upset, frustrated. While sit’s important to acknowledge and accept these feelings it’s perhaps more important than ever to continue looking for, finding, appreciating, the beauty, grace, and treasure in our lives.

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  4. So is Kenny and his circle of cronies here in AB, very disturbing to my mind. It concerns me that the next time the same group of far right winged zealots will do something much more dangerous.

    You’re welcome, Annmarie. I am really struggling with this. I wish I could better understand the opposing view but for the life of me I just can’t.

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  5. Neither can I Carol, the protestors or the politicians. Weeks ago, the people of Ontario took in our Covid patients when our system was overwhelmed. Now our politicians are supporting those who are throwing tantrums on their streets and bridges, keeping them from their jobs, and their children from school. And all the time carrying on about how Trudeau is dividing the country. 🤦

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  6. Disheartening and disturbing on so many levels. My heart goes out to the people of Ottawa and other places that are being inundated with these people. They sprout words like freedom while they strip others of theirs and tyranny when they are being tyrannical. I just hope it all blows over soon.

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  7. Me too. I understand the concerns of bringing force against these people but every time I hear police or politicians talk about ‘negotiating’ with them it drives me rather batty. So now lawlessness in Canada is ‘negotiable’. That sounds pretty sketchy.

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  8. It grieves me no end that the insanity about covid infected your country in such a drastic way. Here the capitol was invaded, there the border was shut down. Whose freedom? Only theirs I guess.

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  9. It has less to do with Covid and more to do with politics, in my mind. And there seems to be a lot of out of country support for the turmoil they are causing. USA and New Zealand for some wierd reason. I think there are groups that are fanning the flames to push their own agenda.


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