Sixteen Weeks – The Struggle is Real!

It has been sixteen weeks since my fight to get fit began. So far it has been going well and I have no intention or concerns about allowing myself to drift back to where I was when I started this adventure.

There have been positive results – surprisingly so, since getting in shape was never a winning proposition for me, unless you count ROUND as a shape – which was not what I was going for. This time there has definitely been improvements – physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Unfortunately, there are some issues that seem to defy my efforts. While my lung capacity and function has improved, I still get winded going up and down our basement stairs. Since our washer and dryer are in the basement, that mean several trips up and down those stairs on laundry day. It isn’t undoable, but it triggers that voice in my head that mocks me with a snickering “You are old and fat – and you cannot even breathe right!” πŸ˜‹). That voice is so mean, trying to undermine all of the progress that I have made. 😧

Then there is the weight. Not just the weight, but the stubborn FAT that clings to my upper arms, waist, and thighs. I know from countless past experiences that cutting calories is not the way to go for me. I cut calories, feel like a dishrag, cut all unnecessary activity, and then snarf down a box of Smarties so I have the energy to change my socks. I have improved my diet – eliminating virtually all empty calories but replacing them with foods that provide the nutrients my body needs. But, cutting calories? No way! I am not a heavy eater, I eat healthy foods, I am gradually upping my activity level until the weight and fat eventually drops.

Despite the frustrating struggles, I am happy with the progress I have made so far. I know it has only been sixteen weeks since I started this journey. That is less that four months – and the first month was very tentative. So in three months – My strength, stamina, flexibility, and breathing have all improved. My muscles have toned up, so my clothes wear better and overall I am looking better and feeling better about how I look. Mentally and emotionally, I am noticeably healthier than I was. It is good, I am impressed and ready to journey on.

It is a nice day to sit back and enjoy the sunshine.

Here’s the link to a new You Tube video I tried yesterday. It is a bit longer than the last couple I shared but I enjoyed it and made it through to the end. πŸ˜‰

That is it for today. Take care and have a great day!


19 thoughts on “Sixteen Weeks – The Struggle is Real!

  1. Congratulations on your success, Anne! I really admire you, keep it up! The music on the video would drive me crazy, the exercise routine may kill me! πŸ˜‚

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  2. I am glad someone else has an “inner voice” that keeps it up! Mine is myself as a little girl about 4 wearing a cowboy hat, cowboy boots and carries a pistol. She often mocks me when I go for a walk! Okay. I guess that was more than anyone needed to know. Keep up the good work! It is great that you can feel and see a difference.

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  3. You are doing great Anne, and I believe you will meet your goal. The jeans planter and elephant waterer are so cute. Molly is adorable even from behind. πŸ™‚ Hope your day is going well.

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  4. Keep up the great work Anne! I have a much older sister who wishes she was in better shape. She turned 75 this year and she is over weight and her knees and feet hurt her a lot. She doesn’t exercise very much especially since she’s in pain, and she has found the pool in her community is where she tries to exercise the most. I told her about your blog as you are so inspiring and I’m hoping she’ll be able to feel better and get to a better place too. Sending warm hugs your way!! πŸ’– And Molly is ADORABLE!

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  5. Thank you, Diana. I hope the pool helps your sister! We are fortunate now that we can afford retirement and have options for taking care of ourselves after decades of caring for others. Dan set up our pool today. Hopefully, Molly will not destroy it before the grandkids get to take a swims! πŸ™„. Have a great week. πŸ’ž

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