All Things Molly

From all indications, Molly has reached the puppy equivalent stage comparable to human toddlers or teenagers.   I am not sure which, but she has been busy being adorable, obnoxious,  and ‘helpful’.

  • In the past few days, Molly has:
  • Laid claim to the livingroom sofa
  • Chased a mouse onto a sticky pad mouse trap AND hovered around me as I disposed of said mouse and trap. (That was an ordeal – and yes I did get my rubber glove stuck in the sticky stuff of the trap, which the mouse was also stuck in. 😳)
  • Knocked over a speaker/stand while I was taking a bath.
  • Helped me pull dandelions by digging them out to the depth of their roots, leaving sizeable holes in our backyard.
  • Learned to get my attention when I am sitting in the garden, by sneaking up behind me, leaping on me and wrapping her front legs around my neck AND licking the top of my head.
  • AND – She has learned which cupboard holds our dishcloths and towels, how to get them all out at once and how to transport them to various yard locations before I can catch her.

Other than that, things haven’t been going too badly with Molly. I (finally) found a grooming tool that seems to work fairly well at dealing with matting in her nether regions. She has been pretty good about going to bed and sleeping through the night (as long as the night ends at 5 am). I bought her a crate this week, which may or may not prove helpful when I am getting some yard maintenance done in the next few weeks. And, our games of fetch are improving. Molly generally brings her ball or Frisbee back to me, she almost always gives it to me without drawing blood (maybe I am just running out?), AND I can sometimes throw her ball or Frisbee where I want it to go (and sometimes I just hit the eaves troughs).

That is it for today. Take care and have a great day!💞


26 thoughts on “All Things Molly

  1. But she is so stinkin’ cute! We are firm believers in crate training, and all our dogs benefitted from it. It was their safe place and associated with good things–treats, kong toys. Steffi still sleeps in her crate at night, but Abby is old enough to sleep in her fluffy dog bed without trying to eat it. Sounds like things are coming along!

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  2. I am glad crate training works for you and your dogs. We used crates for our other dogs but our house is too small to allow for one that would be big enough for Molly. I use the porch for time outs when she needs them. A couple of minutes does wonders for her. I am hoping she will come to enjoy being in her outdoor crate when I need to keep her out of harm’s way – when I am painting or using the pressure washer.

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  3. Thank you, Diana! They are entertaining. 😋. I think the biggest downside at this age is keeping them safe. They are so quick to get into trouble! Molly will eat anything she gets hold of and she is always trying to sneak out of the yard if the gate is open for a split second. We have to be on our toes for sure!

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  4. I see sweet Molly has been quite busy. You are keeping up with all she does very well. She is growing quickly and hopefully this toddler/teenage stage will pass soon. Not all she does is what you would prefer she do, but she is just so cute and I can tell she loves you a lot by what you say about her in your posts.

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  5. I bet so, she is going to be a whole lot bigger soon and some of what she does now would not be good than. Hang in there Anne, you are doing very well training her.

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