Would You Buy This?

Since I started working on my health and fitness in February,  I have searched You Tube for fitness videos, Amazon for workout clothes, and Googled low calorie healthy meals, nutritional facts,  and the like.  Naturally, I have been bombarded with advertisements for related products – most often diet pills.

This one has became a regular!

I do not take diet pills.  In fact, I don’t take ANY pills that I can avoid,  and most of the one’s that I cannot avoid disagree with me one way or another.  

My ‘stash’ and the Claritin doesn’t agree with me. 🙄 I have been taking prescription Siv-Rabeprazole (for excess stomachs acid) and I am occasionally prescribed Prednisone and/or antibiotics for my lungs. None of the prescription drugs agree with me. 😢

I find the claims made by this company (Keto Max Science) to be  particularly questionable.  How does anyone lose 79 pounds in three weeks and not have loose skin hanging off their body?  Do these pills automatically suck up excess skin?  Do these pills build muscle? Do these pills make one feel better – physically, mentally, and emotionally?  Do these pills lower one’s blood pressure or strengthen one’s heart? Do these pills lower cholesterol or blood sugar?   Do these pills improve one’s lung function?  Do these, or any diet pills actually make, or help, anyone lose weight?

It would seem unrealistic to think there is a pill out there that provides any of the benefits of physical activity and a reasonable, nutritious diet. The market is flooded with diet pills so they must sell. But do they work?

Just wondering. Take care and have a great rest of your day!

31 thoughts on “Would You Buy This?

  1. I’ve received the same ad many times. It’s rotten on so many levels; the sad face of the “before” model as she poses for a selfie, the gleeful stretching of what we are supposed to believe is the same shirt in the “after” photo; the false notion that weight loss brings happiness. The ultimate deal breaker for me is the grammatically incorrect ad copy. If you can’t trust a company with subject-verb agreement, how in the world can the same set of bozos be expected to formulate a so-called medicine?

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  2. I agree with Treacy Colbert. What a scam, and a very dangerous scam I should add. Losing that much weight in such a short time would likely be very dangerous for you! Please, save your money, Anne-Marie. ❤️

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  3. Based on the ad, they should never be sold to anyone, rather flushed down the toilet! Your systems are super sensitive to many things, a real bummer. 😞

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  4. It is better not to take such pills. I believe we should eat what we eat regularly within a limit and exercise and walk regularly. Good health is important. I am doing walking exercises by Lucy Wyndham-Read since May . I am enjoying them.

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  5. I’ve seen these before as well. There’s no 1 pill cure all in my book. They aren’t strictly FDA regulated because they’re classified as food products, not medicines, so they aren’t regulated by the strict standards governing the sale of prescription and over-the-counter drugs. ( I just looked this up recently. ) so I guess that’s why they can get away with false claims of losing crazy weight in an unrealistic time frame.

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  6. I’m the same as you, I don’t take pills that I don’t have to take (except for supplements like tumeric and cod liver oil, which aren’t prescribed but make me feel healthier).

    I’m not a picture of health and definitely need to shift a few pounds, but not sure that diet pills are the answer. Probably just safer to reduce calories, move more, and not take any more pills! 🤣

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  7. That is my thoughts but I can understand why people would be desperate enough to try them. I just wondered if anyone had ever tried any diet pills and found any benefit to taking them. They have been on the market forever. I cannot imagine how they stay on the market.

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  8. I think it is just wishful thinking and people go for it! They wouldn’t keep advertising if some fool wasn’t buying the pills. God only knows what is really in them! At times, I have wished there was a pill for weight loss! But, alas, there isn’t. It is just plain hard work!


  9. Let’s try this again. For some weird reason, all of a sudden WordPress wants proof of who I am. Sigh. I think it is just wishful thinking and people go for it! They wouldn’t keep advertising if some fool wasn’t buying the pills. God only knows what is really in them! At times, I have wished there was a pill for weight loss! But, alas, there isn’t. It is just plain hard work!

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  10. Wishful thinking or desperation, which I can totally understand. I just don’t know how these companies can continue pedaling these drugs if they do no good a d who knows what harm. I’ve dodged WordPress issues lately but my blog was supposed to be Retirement 101. I have no idea why it registered as seclusion 101 but then figured retirement in the pandemic was kind of seclusion so I just rolled with it. 🙄


  11. I probably go to the other extreme of avoiding pills. My doctor wants me on statins now that I am turning 75. Even though all my numbers remain as good as ever (I take no credit for the genes), she says age is now a tipping point in the algorithm. I am dragging my feet and will probably die of a stroke or heart attack but at least won’t be around for the “I told you so!”

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  12. If your numbers are good, I don’t see the problem but ok, I am not a doctor. I take medication if I HAVE to but if a doctor sets up tests for me to check something out in case I need medication, I will do ANYTHING to ace the test – cut sugar, cut salt, workout – whatever it takes. He’s probably onto me and just does the tests to keep me working on my health. 🙄


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