Week 36 – Beyond the Physical

This will be a health and fitness update but I cannot blog today without mentioning Halloween.

So… Happy Halloween! TBH I am not a fan of holidays and Halloween competes with Christmas for my least favourite of the lot – but my greeting is sincere for all those who are into it. 😊

This year, with our eight and a half month Pyreneese (who has all the social skills of a ginormous rabid squirrel), I thought Dan and I had agreed to forgo the festivities, dim the lights, pull down the shades, and crack open a bottle of wine. It turns out, I was wrong. Last night Dan brought it up and was concerned about the influx of kids in our neighbourhood and how he hated to disappoint them. I was willing risk their disappointment, but okay we will partake.

Our dainty dog, pretending she will be all chill about this.

Since we had no plans until last night, we had no treats to hand out so my mission this morning was to go shopping. Easy, peasy as our Maddy would say.

I headed out at 9, started the Jeep, and was greeted by the dashboard drama queen carrying on about the lack of air in my rear passenger tire. This is a regular occurrence, so whatever. I headed off to Walmart. The last time I was in Walmart was sometime in July and they had shelves overflowing with Halloween treats. Today, nothing! I picked up a few things we didn’t need and made my way to the cashier. There were two women ahead of me. The first was a frazzled young woman trying desperately to stuff her overflowing cart as the cashier rang her groceries through. I felt for her. The woman behind her was an elderly woman with two packages of chicken breasts and a bag of salt. She kept her salt in the cart and set her chicken on the end of the counter. She told the cashier (who was still running through the previous customer) about the salt and then proceeded to push her cart to the end of the aisle, whipped out her bank card, and pushed herself right up against frazzled young woman – who couldn’t even pay for her stuff because elderly lady was blocking her access to the debit machine. WTF? I was so busy watching the drama play out, that I didn’t notice the cashier across the way trying frantically to wave me over to her til. It finally got painfully obvious, so I hustled on over there.

I got out of Walmart and made my way over to Freshco – dashboard queen getting herself into a lather of red lights the entire time (which matched all the red lights that I was hitting). Did I mention, I dislike driving? A lot? So I get to Freshco and surprise they have no Halloween candy. I consider going to our Dollar Store but decide to just whip over to the Wholesale Club on 4th Ave – which OH YEA is closed for construction. After navigating the detour through hell, I get to the Wholesale Club and find that my best option would be a couple of cases of single pack potato chips. Massive cases. I am NOT one of those elegant, sophisticated women at the best of times. Carrying two big ass cases of potato chips through a busy store and across the parking lot to our Jeep, is not happening!

On to Northgate Mall. I did run in and check out Dollarama. They had miniature chocolate Santas and individually wrapped Easter eggs. I headed down to Safeway but took a quick detour (because they’re my thing now) and I went to Shoppers Pharmacy. Hallelujah – they had shelves of Halloween candy.


I grabbed an assortment of goodies and hustled up to the cashier. FFS! What kind of fresh hell is this. Virtually, every cashout is self serve. (I haven’t been to Shoppers for years). I go up to the sole actual living, breathing cashier and she points across the aisle and offers to help me ‘over there’. Over where? She tells me she is pointing at the self serve counters. Why? You’re here. I’m here. Why would we go over there? I said “No, I would rather help you keep your job”. 🀦 Unbelievable.

So I make my victorious way home, stopping at a dozen red lights, and crawling through three or four school zones. Despite all the ballyhoo about the air in my tire, all is well. I am still driving on four round tires. I should be super pumped about my successful venture, but I am kind of struggling to get past the entire episode. Which brings me to this week’s health and fitness update!

Thirty six weeks in and I am still excited about the health and fitness regime that I started in February. I talk mostly about the physical aspects of what I am doing but health and fitness isn’t only about the physical. We are not just physical beings, but also mental and emotional. It is all so intertwined that what affects one system affects all of our systems.

So yes, I am still excited about doing the physical work – my Zumba lessons, walking Molly, and lifting (light) weights. This week I am finally up to ten sets of ten reps of four lifts and I am adding a few wall push-ups (push-outs). But…

I am also meditating every day, working on developing general coping skills, and I have started (re)reading self-help type books. In my journey to wellness, I have come across a number of authors whose works I find to be particularly inspiring. In the days to come, I am planning to write some blogs highlighting some of these authors and explain what it is about their ideas that I personally relate to and how they have helped me to improve my mindset.

In the meantime, I have to sign off for today. Molly is impatiently awaiting her walk and I really need some fresh air and some quiet time out in nature to re-centre and work off my earlier shopping venture.

Take care and have a great day! πŸ’žπŸŒž


28 thoughts on “Week 36 – Beyond the Physical

  1. Wow, the one cashier seems super lazy! Shame on her or him, they can be replaced easily. My truck is currently telling me that the right-front tire is low which it absolutely is not, so it may be the pressure sensor/sender on the wheel that went bad. I haven’t had trick-or-treaters in years and that is fine by me! Have fun tonight. πŸ˜‚πŸ‘»

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  2. I don’t think it is the cashier. I think it is store policy to make them get people to use self serve so they can be eliminated. I think it is our sensor as well. We are getting new tires on Thursday at any rate. Thank you, John! πŸ₯³

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  3. How you suffered for your “treats”. I’m entirely with you on the subjects of Halloween and self service checkouts. My, how your fitness efforts are evident in that photograph.


  4. You look awesome Anne! I usually end up at Aldi and Walmart for our groceries, otherwise I have to drive even further. Walmart never ceases to annoy me for some reason. The same thing happened here awhile ago when a cashier pointed to Avery and I to use a self checkout. Avery says sternly and loudly β€œI don’t work here.” 😳 We were real nice to the cashier and she was friendly back. Like you said, I’m sure they are told to say that. The supervisor clearly heard Avery as well. πŸ˜†

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  5. Thank you, Jackie! Dan says the same thing when cashiers direct him to self service. I don’t even like going to stores where I have to bag my own groceries. πŸ˜‚. I would rather pay a bit more to have someone else do it.

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  6. I hear you about Halloween; ditto. My favorite holiday is July 4. We usually have sunshine, a good day for burgers on the grill, and no one expects anything from me. Bah humbug. But, you probably know what I mean!

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  7. You look amazing Anne. I love the photo of you and Molly. I dread the holidays every year and if they all just went away it would be fine with me. We haven’t had door to door trick-or-treaters on my street for several years. I have never used a self checkout and never will if I can help it.

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  8. Mine is Remembrance Day. It hasn’t been exploited and capitalized on like other holidays. And it is a deal for like one week instead of six months before and three months after.


  9. Funny: “as greeted by the dashboard drama queen carrying on about the lack of air in my rear passenger tire.” This was a hoot. I don’t like shopping either! And I can relate to your shopper’s angst and frustration.

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  10. I don’t like shopping, I don’t love driving, and I am beyond grateful that my husband generally does both. (BTW Apparently Dan got the tire sensor fixed in the Jeep and my tire was actually a bit low. Not drastically so and we are getting new tires tomorrow. πŸ™‚).


  11. I’m late to the party, but I have to agree with everyone else: You look super awesome! Very fit and healthy looking, and rather centered and calm…trying to be super chilled like Molly? 😎 I am glad you are also doing emotional and mental wellcare, too!

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