Man Down

Last Monday, Dwight from our Volley fitness group suggested that we each commit to  focussing on one aspect of our fitness journey for each week.  It was a great idea, and one we eagerly embraced.

For myself, I committed to getting more fresh air last week and to “giving it my all” while engaging in my workouts (or doing anything 🤗) this week. And… continuing to get a good dose of fresh air each day.  🌞

It was going great!  Then yesterday, Dan and I decided to get my fresh air by taking Molly to the neighbourhood dog park.  Great idea, poor execution.

While, Molly raced around the open field with a little  Shiba Inu, Dan and I chatted with his human.   And I took my eye of the ball – or rather the balls of fur racing around us. The little dog ran between us, with Molly right behind. I never saw what hit me. I went flying and landed face down on the frozen ground.

Fortunately, I was bundled up for winter and I didn’t hit the ground face first. But, I did twist my left arm going down and managed to pull something in my shoulder in the process. I got up, none the worse for wear, except for the excruciating pain in my left arm and shoulder.

The pain is still there and as excruciating as ever. Nothing is broken, and the shoulder is not dislocated. I don’t even have a bruise or much swelling. But there is no denying the pain.

There is no way that I am heading out on the snow and ice to get my fresh air today. Nor am I doing any Zumba or lifting any weights.

But despite the pain, I am staying on track

– By keeping a positive mindset. This is just a set back, not the end of my fitness journey.

– By moving (as much as I can). Every movement causes pain, but walking around, moving on my Yoga ball, and gentle side to side motion is doable. Anything to keep the circulation going and the adrenaline pumping – even a little bit.

– By showing my body some love and patience with Aspirin, CBD cream, a warm Epsom salt bath, and some cozy pjs.

– By exercising my mind (reading a good book and playing a mind game on my phone).

– By skipping the pity party and accepting the challenge. There’s nothing like a good challenge to help us dig deep and find out what we are really made of. 😁

So, that’s where I am at today. Take care and have a great day! 💞🌞

I just love this little candle Dan gave me for Christmas. It is filled with Black Onyx for Strength and Healing. It will be burning tonight. 💞

30 thoughts on “Man Down

  1. I was entranced by that candle, even though I could not figure out what it was! Onyx is beautiful! I hope you will soon be up and at’em. It takes a bit of time as you know. I did that not long ago when Steffi wrapped her leash around my legs and pulled me down brick steps. That was the easy part–she wrenched my arm at the shoulder, and woo boy. Of course, I am older than you are, but I think my next dog needs to be a cat. 😳

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  2. Thanks, Anne, and you sound like a true dog lover! Like with children, it is our job to do the thinking for them. I still think a cat will be easier on me–I did not see that fiasco coming with Steffi, but it was just because she was frightened. I did not blame her either. Sending hugs!

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  3. When big dogs start to play…. it can be dangerous projectiles….. I experiended it myself 🙂 I hope you recover soon and that the pain will be gone soon. Take good care and…… always keep an eye on Moly when she starts racing around.

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  4. We spent the morning at emerg because the pain was only getting worse. I broke the surgical neck of my humorous – clear through. Fortunately, it stayed in place so they stabilized it with a foam sling and I just have to get it checked a few times by a surgeon to make sure it is healing properly. It’s ok mother. I should have gone on Tuesday but I didn’t even have a bruise. 🤦


  5. Nothing for the pain. I have been managing on basic aspirin and I can’t handle anything stronger anyway. I don’t know how long I have to use the sling. I have to wait until I see the surgeon. I can keep working out as long as I protect my left arm, so that is cool. 😊


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