Still Down!

I may have spoken too soon. Last night my arm started turning a purplish shade of black and blue. And… this morning my pain was reaching new levels.

Dan drove me to the Pasqua Hospital Emergency. Contrary to everything we have heard and read lately, the care was timely and efficient AND if the staff was exhausted and stressed, they were way too professional, caring, and kind to show it.

We were in and out in three and a half hours (which included a trip to radiology for several x-rays). The bottom line is I broke the surgical neck of my humorous. Fortunately, it remained in place, so no operation was required. My arm is supported by a foam sling and I will have to see a surgeon to ensure healing is going as planned.

And… The doctor told me that not only could I, but I should maintain my physical workouts – while avoiding engaging my left arm for the time being, obviously. πŸ€—

On the way home, Dan swung by A & W to pick us up hamburgers, onion rings, and gravy. 😊

So that was my update for today. Take care and have a great rest of the day! πŸ’žπŸŒž


28 thoughts on “Still Down!

  1. Oh my gosh, Anne Marie! Please baby that damaged area! I’m so glad that you don’t need surgery, yay for that. Be safe, and A&W with gravy sounds so delicious, our A&W’s down here don’t have that as far as I know. Oh wait, I just looked it up. You said gravy, these locations have chili cheese fries which are great, but just regular gravy sounds better.

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  2. Then I will look like lopsided Popeye. πŸ™„. The doctor suggested I take a photo of my left arm before the swelling goes down so I have two matching ones. The bruises might be a bit of a give away.

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