Year Two – Week Eleven

It is May and it’s all good!  Our t-shirt and shorts weather has returned, as well as our furry and feathered friends.  Our back door is wide open, and Molly is loving the freedom of coming and going. 

Nuts for nuts.  I’m having a hard time keeping the peanut feeder full.
Molly enjoying a little alfresco snack.

Moving on to my health and fitness report for the week – it is all good. Better than good! I have been doing my Zumba six days a week. Yesterday, I did one that had an exercise routine where both of my arms were behind my neck. I crushed it without even thinking about it. I was so excited. A week ago I did not have the ROM to do that with my left arm (the one I broke mid-January). Yet here I am – doing it!

I have also been doing my weights six nights a week. This week I am alternating nights for upper and lower body, so each has a day to recover between workouts. I am using five pound weights to do seven sets of seven reps of seven exercises. I thought I would struggle advancing to the five pound weights, but here I am – doing it. 💪

In the afternoons, Dan and I have been out working in the yard. Yesterday, we cleaned the patios, the sidewalk, the patio furniture, and Molly’s pool. Dan did all the heavy lifting and scraped all the edges of the patios of winter debris. I power washed EVERYTHING! I had spaghetti arms when I got done but I still did my evening weights – AND it was an upper body workout. 😁

The only other health/fitness thing we have been doing this week is having a full breakfast every morning and a very light supper every evening. That has actually been going really well. We have also been having fresh fruit every day – raspberries, pineapple, and kiwi and Dan bought some blueberries this morning to add to the mix. I’m not a fruit eater but so far so good.

That is about all for my health and fitness update for this week. I am beyond excited by how far I have come in the past fifteen months (despite the setbacks). I can’t wait to see how far I can go. It just amazes me what our bodies can do if we get on the right track and put a little effort into caring for them.

Take care and have a good day! 💞🌞


35 thoughts on “Year Two – Week Eleven

  1. Good job, Anne. I am happy you have nice weather and you, the critters and Molly are enjoying it. Too much rain and too cool here at my place for this time of year. Great photos. Hugs

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  2. How wonderful to hear of the progress with range of motion from your broken arm. That injury was very challenging to recover from, but you have done it! Great news.

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  3. Yes, things are improving even if it’s baby steps. I tried calling my son last Sunday. He didn’t answer and I didn’t leave a message. About 20min later her texted me a very nice message saying he was sorry he wasn’t talking. He said he loved me and his therapy is going good. He said he is focusing on himself and his family and taking things one step at a time. I messaged him back in kind, told him I loved him and that it has been a long time since we’ve talked so I thought I’d reach out. I told him I appreciate his text message. It’s a start. ❤️ I’m praying that we will build a healthier relationship going forward and I know that it will take time, lots of time. Thank you for asking, a little ray of hope made me smile and I know he loves me. I miss my grandkids but in time I’m sure we will see them again. 💞💞💞

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  4. I hope you will see your grandchildren sooner than later. It is hard on everyone, but it is worth taking the time that is needed. I have been seeing my daughter every few days and texting often. She has also been reconciling with her daughter, so that definitely warms my heart. The three of us spent an afternoon together and we had a great visit. There is hope for your family and mine, Diana! 💞💞💞

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  5. That’s the best news ever!! It warms my heart to hear there is hope, and I’ll never give up on my family. Thank you for sharing with me as I know I’m not alone. It’s tough to go through but it’s also life. 💞💞💞

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  6. Absolutely. The woman who paints for us had the same experience when she fell and broke the top of her femur requiring a hip replacement. She also landscapes and the doctor was amazed at how quickly she recovered at 66.

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