Changing Seasons

The struggle is real. Moving from summer to autumn, in Saskatchewan, just doesn’t work for me.

Trading the summer heat for the autumn chill does not work. Trading bright sunny skies for dull, overcast ones does not work. Trading green grass, thick lush trees and colorful summer flowers for the depressing dying plant life of autumn definitely does not work!

This morning Kat and I headed out for our morning walk. We took a route that we do not usually follow. We trod along four or five kilometres of city sidewalks. It was ok. The weather was warmish. The people we crossed paths with were friendly.

Finally we reached our neighbourhood park. I started to take more notice of the nature around us.

The grass was pretty sad looking.
Some of the trees were looking downright depressing.

And then I saw IT!

A perfect golden leafed tree framed by brilliant blue sky.

It is amazing how one can find so much peace and joy and hope and beauty in one glance. I could have been looking in the wrong direction and missed it. I could have been shuffling along staring at the ground and feeling miserable and I could have missed it. But there I was, walking through my favourite little park, looking for peace and hope and joy and beauty and BAM there it was.

Wishing all a great day – or at least one perfect moment. 🤗


23 thoughts on “Changing Seasons

  1. You need to plant some Japenese Maples. Usually green but turn fiery red in Autumn. NOW is the time to plant bulbs! They come up in the spring and look unreal gorgeous! Usually what I need after a drab ,wet winter.

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  2. Bulbs 💕love💗 cold weather. Just dig a hole and plunk the bulb in(make sure right side up),cover and forget. In spring watch for wow!Daffodils usually come first

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  3. The ground keeps the bulbs warm-and they have a built in “anti-freeze”. Daffodils are planted 6inches deep for example. Just get 2or 3 bulbs and try. If they dont come up no loss.

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  4. Tulips, Daffodils, Crocus and a number of smaller bulbs can be grown in our Saskatchewan gardens. Start by working your soil well. … Bulbs can be planted from September until frost. Plant most bulbs in full sun.Sep 7, 2012

    Earlys Garden › fall-bulbs

    Fall Bulbs | Early’s Farm & Garden

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  5. They are later than daffodils. I haven’t always had luck with them either. Luckily there is wal-mart and I’ll buy a few bloomed already for my window😏

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  6. What a lovely ending to your walk. I do like the changing colors. Anything but the white stuff. We are quite a bit south so our grass is still green in Michigan. Some of the maples have dropped some leaves but my birch is still a stunning shade of green. Sometimes we must seek beauty, other times it pops up right in front of us…

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  7. So true! I do not like driving on snow and ice (especially in the dark and we get a lot of dark in the winter) and I definitely do not like the cold! I do prefer seeing snow – especially the first snows that cover up the drab colors of fall. And I love shovelling snow! I am excited that this winter I will be home to shovel snow. I have started lifting weights to get myself in shape. 🏋️

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  8. Hahaha. We’re thinking of going away for a couple months to avoid the dreaded white stuff. Honestly I think I could be happy if I never saw another flake. Something else that is kinda weird, during the summer many nights we don’t have supper until 7 or so. But during the winter when it gets dark at 5, I wanna have supper eaten, dishes done and changed into sweats by 6 pm. Strange…

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  9. When I worked, I was exhausted by the time I got there after getting up and ready and driving to work in the dark. It’s just not natural😢. Have fun if you go south! Maybe you will see more sunlight. 🙂.

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  10. That was a beautiful tree and I am glad you did not miss seeing it. Here we have lots of beautiful colors in the fall but they do not last long. The bare trees and cold stay much longer than the beautiful colors of fall. I am not looking forward to winter and the cold. We get more ice than snow where I live. The ice causes a lot of damage to power lines and trees not to mention the vehicle accidents. The months with more sunshine are so much nicer.

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  11. I am so glad I do not have to drive to work this winter! I can sit in my house and look at pictures of flowers and grass and trees😋. And shovel snow so Dan doesn’t have to do that between shifts. 💞

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