December 8th – Self Care

The Christmas Season is a time for kindness, caring, and thinking of others.   It is also a good time to celebrate by showing ourselves a few hours of caring kindness when, or if, possible. Last night, it was possible for me. πŸ’ (It is always possible for me nowadays.  That was not always the case in years gone by. 😏)

I started out by switching over to my new purse.   Changing purses is a major undertaking – one I avoid for years on end.  I love my new purse.  It is huge, soft, and has multiple pockets. I may never find my keys again. πŸ™„
Winter in Saskatchewan is cold and DRY – regardless of how much snow we have.  My hands get brutally cracked and dry.  This is the second hand waxer Dan has bought for me.  I LOVE the heat and moisture for my hands. (& of course I love Dan for being so thoughtful πŸ’ž)
I cannot wax my hands without giving my nails a little TLC. 😁
One can hardly conclude an evening of self care without indulging in a tasty snack, a glass of Jackson-Triggs Merlot, and an hour of Home and Garden. 🏘️

Today, I was ready to jump back into the holiday spirit and holiday preparations when I got ‘the call‘. Next Tuesday I am off to the hospital for my hernia repair. The unexpected and ultimate in self-care for the holiday season! Fortunately, I have more ‘want’ to do than ‘have’ to do on my holiday list. And – I am totally grateful that Dr. Pooler and staff are getting me in so quickly when Covid has taken such a toll on our health facilities and staff. It will be great to recover and be hernia free. 😁

That is it for today folks. Take care and have a kind and caring day!πŸ’ž


17 thoughts on “December 8th – Self Care

  1. That’s great news Anne Marie, and I appreciate not having surgery scheduled too far in advance, giving me less time to stew about it. Love πŸ’• the new bag! As soon as you memorize which little compartment you put each doodad in, you’re gonna love it…

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  2. Best wishes for your surgery, Annmarie! I like your new purse, nice colors. I use O’Keef’s on my feet as they get super dry like my hands here in the desert, maybe that will help your hands.

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  3. May it go well. Here many operations are being delayed again as hospitals begin to fill up. A friend on the west coast is going to have to wait until at least nine months for a much needed knee replacement. I am glad that you are not going to have to suffer on Christmas.

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