Week 19

It has been nineteen weeks since I started my current, and most successful ever, fitness journey.

I have three things of note on my weekly update!  πŸ€—

#One – My husband came home sick a couple of weeks ago.   I don’t know if it was a chest flu or what,  but he was miserable.   I did feel so bad for him BUT for the first time  since I met Dan twenty-five years ago, I did not catch whatever he had.   Not a single sniffle!   Dan is back on his feet and feeling much better, so I can be happy for him now, as well. πŸ₯°

#Two – I am shedding noticeably less hair this week than I have been for the past couple of years.    I don’t know if it is because my health is better or because I started using Dove hair fall rescue shampoo, but YAY!

#Three – Molly and I have started daily walks! 🌟

I am harnessed up and ready to go! (No idea why she looks so small.  She isn’t.)

On Saturday, we took a short walk around the block.  Molly did not appreciate the traffic, the people, and she was particularly taken aback by the other dog yards.  It did not go well.

Yesterday, I took Molly to the ball diamonds across the street and she did MUCH better.   By the time we returned home, she was walking beside me like a pro.

This morning, I decided we should go back to the ball diamonds to reinforce yesterday’s training. Molly did great until we got half way to the diamonds and a particularly raucous bird startled her.   πŸ™„ She had almost pulled herself together when there was a loud BANG.   It was probably a vehicle but it really sounded like a gunshot.  WELL, that did it for Molly!  She spun around and decided to hightail it home.  The good news is, I stayed on my feet and managed to hold onto her.  

When we got out of the park, Molly calmed right down and decided she was ready to go for a nice walk afterall.  We walked to the end of our street and turned onto Sherwood.  It was about 8 A.M. and Sherwood is pretty busy at the best of times.    Molly didn’t mind the cars, SUVs, and half-tons. Then she saw a semi. She came to a screeching halt and sat trembling as it went by. This was repeated when she saw the bus. When the garbage truck rattled by, I think she upped the drama queen routine by experiencing a short fainting spell. 😞

We turned right on Elphinstone. The traffic was a bit less of an issue as there were vehicles parked along the side of street, between us and the semis, buses, and garbage trucks. Things were uneventful until we turned onto MacKinley. We met up with a few pedestrians and Molly wanted to be a little too friendly. I kept her in check and I was feeling pretty good about how well we were doing. Molly and me, walking down the street like pros!

Then, for probably the LAST time ever, Molly drifted right. I didn’t see her coming into my path and I stepped on her foot. Molly let out a high pitched YIPE and stopped dead in her tracks. I did not. I went head over tea kettle and did a totally imperfect faceplant. Fortunately, for me (not so much for her), I landed on top of Molly.

I scrambled to my feet (I can do that now, because I am in such good shape), Molly stumbled to hers, and we proceeded home – each on our own side of the sidewalk!

That is about it for week nineteen. I am still doing my Zumba workouts, drinking my beet juice, and eating my sauerkraut. I am looking forward to many more walks with Molly and can’t wait until we are ready to tackle some more challenging parks and hiking trails.

Take care and have a great day! πŸ’ž


24 thoughts on “Week 19

  1. Goodness Anne, I’m glad neither of you were hurt. Yikes, that was a close call. Might be the catalyst that keeps you both out of each other’s way on walks. Love the part where you hopped right up cause you’re in such good shape. Great feeling when you can do things that were impossible a few months ago. Keep it up woman…

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  2. Wow, Anne, I am glad that you weren’t injured! Poor Molly though, Ouch! I hope that she learns to settle down with the loud noises. I occasionally hear a very loud BOOM too here, and never know what it is. Be safe!

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  3. Thank goodness you could hold on! I am sure the world outside can look pretty scary when you have never seen or heard it–heck, I have seen and heard it and it is pretty scary sometimes! But wonderful about the not getting sick, and not losing hair! Taking better care of ourselves does lead to better immunity and less stress! Molly looks so serious in that photo–what a great poker face.

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  4. Thank you! Molly was so excited when I took out her harness. Poor little girl wasn’t expecting that much excitement. I think we have all experienced those scary moments, especially nowadays. 😒

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  5. There are so many things dogs have to get used too in our big world…. but it looks like Molly is doing well. Just stay calm and act like noting happend, every time Molly is confronted with something strange. This is the best way to tell her: “it is OK – don’t worry” πŸ™‚

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  6. Wow, Anne! You did great holding on to Molly when she ran. I am sure happy that neither of you suffered injuries from the fall. I can understand Molly shaking at the sight of the big vehicles, I do some shaking myself when I am near them. Keep up the good work, you both are doing great.

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  7. Congrats on your progress. thankful that fall did not do a lot of damage. I am trying to exercise too but have arthritis bad in my back. I go tomorrow to be evaluated by PT to hopefully help me with the pain so I can keep moving. Arthritis is bad because if you don’t move it gets worse, but the pain sometimes is so bad I don’t want to move.

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  8. Congrats on your Week 19 interim report. Over the years, my various health and fitness initiatives were often inspired by wanting to look better. But the bonus you have discovered is how much better you feel!

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