Week 33 – Setbacks

It is thirty-three weeks since I started working on getting fit and healthy. Things have gone rather well, better than I had ever thought was possible – and with few set backs.

Back in May, I skipped a couple of days of workouts when we went to son Dan’s for the long weekend and my blood pressure rocketed. Once we returned home, it started to drop and has been getting better and more stable all the time. My husband had a bit of a cold/flu/virus thing this summer and I skipped right through that with nary a sneeze. 🤗

However, this past Saturday I woke up feeling a bit rough and it only got worse throughout the day. By evening, I had no inclination to do my evening weights and after crawling into bed early, suffered through a miserable night. By Sunday morning, I was feeling somewhat better. I puttered around the house all day and for the first time since the beginning of July, I missed walking Molly. She seemed fairly understanding – at least until I tried to lie down on her spot on the sofa. Having a 70/80 pound dog walk back and forth over you and finally flop down on top of you, is not nearly as restful as it sounds. 😧. I survived the rest of the day napless, got a good night’s sleep, and got up feeling even better this morning.

Molly was feeling something… 😮

I got up, fed Molly, made myself a nutritious breakfast, did a sinkload of dishes that should have been done last night, took Molly for a walk, tried to meditate for an hour while Molly tried to sit on my lap, chew on my hands, lick my ears, and half sit on my lap while half standing on the floor while wagging her tail in my face. (That was difficult to ignore.). I persevered and then chased her out into the yard so I could complete a thirty-three minute You Tube Zumba class.

My final challenge of the day will be completing my weight lifts (3 Pound dumbbells) and moving up to 9 sets, 10 reps, of four different lifts. 💪

One of the most challenging aspects of working the last few years before I retired, was dealing with health issues. I was never ‘healthy’ and, more often that not, I was dealing with the effects of chronic health issues and catching every bug that came near me. Calling in sick was seldom an option, so I would generally suck it up. But, I really looked forward to the day that I was retired and would have the luxury of pulling a blanket over my head and just wallowing in misery when I got sick.

Now I am retired and in so much better shape since I started working out in February, that I… A I almost never get sick, B – When I do get sick, I recover so quickly and easily that I do not have time to wallow, C – Have learned that wallowing does not really speed up the healing process, and D – Have a dog that does not approve of wallowing. So that retirement dream has run its course! And honestly, I am so much happier feeling healthy and fit that I really don’t mind missing out on the wallowing in illness thing.

That is it for today. Another week of making health and fitness a priority and another week of looking forward to a retirement filled with happy, healthy, adventures with my husband and our Molly dog! 🤗

Happy Thanksgiving to any Canadian readers. Take care and have a great day – to all! 💞🌞

Autumn Gold At The Dog Park


38 thoughts on “Week 33 – Setbacks

  1. So glad you’re feeling better. We have a lot of black bears where I live so walking the trails I love can only be done if I have someone to go with. The past year I have been totally inactive – partly because I did not want to leave my husband alone and partly because I was depressed and lazy. I am hoping to change that in the near future – no more excuses. Molly is beautiful btw 🙂

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  2. Thank you, Carol! I hope you take that first step to doing something special for yourself. I know how hard it is after one has been a caregiver for so long and then suddenly finds themself alone. My Mom took care of my Dad for five years before he passed away from Cancer. Her whole life revolved around him in those years – especially the last couple. It took her a while to rebuild! I did see an ad today for a siren that one can clip to their purse or clothing. When you pull it off its chain, it sets off a loud siren/alarm. I wonder if that would work to chase off bears if they got too close? (I don’t really know much – or anything – about scaring off bears.)

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  3. I imagine it will take me a while to find my bearings again. I had isolated myself almost completely when covid hit. I was terrified of bringing it home to him. He’d been sick for a very long time. In the beginning being his care giver was easy but as time went on it became harder, heavier to carry as he became more and more dependent on me. He hated it and worried constantly about the impact his ill health was having on me. I’d tell him again and again, “but you’d do the same for me”.

    I don’t really know what to do with myself atm but I am writing a third novel – put on hold until I get some equilibrium. I do have plans but I am nowhere ready to put them into action. You may have read about my daughter-in-law’s brain cancer. Unfortunately right after Randy died we learned it had spread. So, I am busy supporting my son as he deals with being a caregiver himself (and has been for over a year now). Family is everything to me so I will continue to support all my children as they deal with losing their Dad. I do need to get walking though, it helps relieve the stress.

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  4. Carol, I am so sorry that your daughter-in-law’s cancer has gotten worse. I feel for her – and your son. Family is important, but so are you. I hope that you do find a way to relieve your stress and to build a new life for yourself. I am anxious to hear of your future plans! It is never too early to start preparing for them – even if it only means making sure that you are getting or staying well enough to step into them when you are ready. 💞

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  5. Not really. Our sofa is ready to be replaced. We had actually decided to buy a new one right before we got Molly, but both agreed we should hold off for a year or two until she was over the cushion/sofa eating stage.


  6. Thank you, Martha! I have always been the last person to inspire anyone (to get fit anyway), but learning the benefits firsthand makes one really want to inspire others to give it another shot. (I doubt if I am inspiring anyone to get a giant puppy but Molly does add excitement to our lives). 😂


  7. She’s just a puppy. When our last dog, Kat the Cavalier was a puppy, she destroyed my livingroom chair when we were at work one day. There was stuffing from one end of the house to the other. They grow out of it.

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  8. Thank you, Dorothy. My biggest struggle seems to be getting adequate sleep. I used to sleep like a rock. Now getting a straight five or six hours of sleep is challenging.


  9. Good job keeping on Anne. I am glad you are feeling better and recover quicker now than you did before you started your getting fit routine. I see Molly got some exercise destroying what looks like what was a pillow. I can’t imagine how it feels with her on top of you. Keep feeling good and enjoying your retirement, Molly and life.


  10. I cannot even make plans at this point – a lot depends on what the future brings. There are simply too many variables atm. My one and only plan is to continue to write – it is as necessary to me as breathing.

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