Week 32 – I’m On My Way!

It has been thirty two weeks since I started making an active, healthy lifestyle a major priority in my life.   While I have enjoyed countless benefits from the improvements I have made to my lifestyle, there are limitations.

Physically, most of my limitations involve my respiratory system. I have asthma, COPD, and bronchiectasis. These are all chronic conditions which have caused permanent lung damage. They are also conditions that are aggravated by dust, woodsmoke, frigid temperatures, and humidity. All of which happen in Saskatchewan on a regular basis.

Yesterday, I woke up to a city wrapped in thick fog. On days like that, it is hard to get up, get active, and basically get excited about doing much of anything. On days like that, I have two options. I can go the easy route, wrap myself in a fuzzy blanket, plant myself on the couch and wait for the congestion to get worse, the bronchitis or pneumonia to set in, and ultimately the trip to the health clinic or ER for x-rays, antibiotics, and oral steroids. Or, I can push myself to get dressed, get active, and work on improving (or at least maintaining) my lung function – and my waistline. 😊

Fortunately, I have built up a few foolproof means to help me make the right choice. I have my fiercely motivated Volley workout partners who inspire me every day – and keep me accountable, I have a library of dance music to get me moving, I have a library of Zumba workouts to push me through, and of course I have my Molly dog to get me out into the fresh air (once the sun burns off the fog).

Here are a few of my currently favourite inspirations…

Molly at the dog park

That’s it for today and another week of working my way to a fit and healthy lifestyle. πŸ‘

Take care and have a great rest of your day. πŸ’žπŸŒž


35 thoughts on “Week 32 – I’m On My Way!

  1. As I mentioned before, Anne Marie, I really admire your determination and drive to continue pushing forward with your exercise routines! Molly is a big girl! ❀️ The dry air may help you down here in the desert should you guys visit.

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  2. You are welcome! Yes, that smoke has been over/in the valley at least once that I can remember but it’s rare. No smoke from this year’s fires that I am aware of. So terrible! As much as I dislike that state, I would never wish something so bad on anyone.

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  3. If it keeps bothering you, maybe call your doctor’s office to see if they believe it the normal discomfort from healing, and if it is you might want to try taking zinc supplements for a few weeks. I had an amazing cardiologist when I had severe pneumonia and a collapsed lung a few years ago. He swore by zinc and gave me three major doses before I left the hospital. (Just be warned – it will flush everything out of your system including that crayon you swallowed in preschool. 😯)

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  4. It’s always good to have someone to keep you accountable and to provide inspiration. Glad to hear that you’re still going strong with your healthy lifestyle! I made the mistake of buying Halloween candy too early this year … and now it’s almost gone.

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  5. And twisted ankles or falls we need to avoid for sure. My daughter-in-law is right now recovering from two broken ankles. Thankfully she is healing well. ❀

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