Week 37 – Changing up!

Time for another health and fitness update. I finally did it! Last night, I moved up to five pound dumbbells for my evening routine. I did cut back on reps and sets, but I also switched up two of my lifts to dumbbell rows and dumbbell squats. 😁

I missed my Molly walk on Sunday, but I did shovel some HEAVY snow. I did the back landing and steps at about 6 AM when I let Molly out. Dan did most of the sidewalks and front steps, but I did go out and help.

The snow was about 6 inches up the back door and packed solid.

I also missed my Molly walk yesterday because she was at the vets getting spayed and today because she is still fairly medicated.

Molly on painkillers and sedatives. πŸ₯³

Molly is doing fairly well, so we should walk tomorrow. That collar is about two feet across so it’s just a bit awkward for her to move around the house. It is also rather awkward when she tries to herd me around the kitchen. πŸ™„

We had serious wind and a bit more snow last night, so I have some more shoveling that I can get out to work on. Molly is finally taking a nap so I am just waiting for her to wake up so she can come outside with me – at least for a while.

Other than that I made some cinnamon buns on Friday – kneading the dough was a bit of a workout. 😊 They weren’t my best effort but they were okay if you didn’t actually know they were supposed to be cinnamon buns.

And… There wasn’t any fitness involved, but we did go out on Saturday to help celebrate great granddaughter Alaska Rose’s first birthday.

Alaska did an amazing job of opening her presents – with a bit of help from Mom and a couple of aunties.
She could use some work on her cake eating skills. πŸ’ž

That’s it for today. Molly is awake so time to bundle up and go move some snow.

Take care and have a great day! πŸ’žπŸŒž


31 thoughts on “Week 37 – Changing up!

  1. Thank you, Karla! Alaska is pretty cute and she is SO happy – all of the time. Molly seems to be doing pretty good. I took her outside with me and I got all of our walks done. She just wandered around and sat at the fence to watch me when I did the front walks.


  2. Not when you land on your butt. πŸ™„. Although, I went down hard on my left hip one time and it is still weird. There’s always a cold spot in the winter about 6″ in diameter. Same spot – ice cold. 🀷

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  3. I don’t know. It was a major bruise. And it hurt like hell. I couldn’t laugh because it would make it hurt – so of course everyone did their best to keep me laughing, especially the day it happened. πŸ˜‚

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  4. Alaska Rose is absolutely adorable! What a fun birthday. I have never walked my dog in the snow. I can imagine that is a challenge at times. πŸ™‚ But good exercise.

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  5. Thank you, Debra! I am cautiously optimistic about walking Molly this winter. I only have a couple of blocks to get to a park with a walking path that is supposed to be kept clear and an offleash dog park. Getting the two blocks to the park will no doubt be a challenge. 😯


  6. Congrats on moving up to a higher set of weights! It looks like shovelling all that snow gave you an extra workout! How cute is that picture of Molly with her cone. At least she looks like she’s in good spirits!


  7. That is way too much snow for me. Walking Molly sounds like a lot more fun than shoveling snow. Those cinnamon buns look yummy. I love the last photo and she is adorable.

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