Daily Reminders

When Dan was running errands a few mornings ago, he found this metal plaque to put in one of our flower beds.

We are getting to an age where life is becoming more precious and fleeting. Regardless of what is happening, how we are feeling, or who is or is not physically with us, we try to make the most of each and every day. This little sign will be a reminder to help us do just that.

We have other such reminders around our house. They may be a bit corny but they work for us. πŸ™‚ They help us to appreciate each other and our life together.

A little bowl of stones from my mother.
Dan bought these to dress up the kid’s playhouse
I picked this one up at a garden centre.

Not every day is the best, but try to make the best of every dayπŸ’ž

March 8 – International Women’s Day

Happy “International Women’s Day” to all successful, intelligent, beautiful, kind, caring, talented, sensitive, strong, charming, and resilient women!

Happy “International Women’s Day” to all who respect women, appreciate women, support women, and empower women.

Happy “International Women’s Day” to all elderly women, young women, in-between women, and the girls who will one day become women!

My Mom with Rory and GenieπŸ’ž
My daughter, Jen. Back in the days of Saturday morning lunchπŸ’ž
Genie πŸ’ž
Prim & MaddyπŸ’ž

Happy “International Women’s Day!

Beefs & Bouquets

I have to start with my bouquet because this is just too good. Big bouquet going to my hubby! We had our once a week day off from working out yesterday. (Six weeks and counting!) Dan helped me make supper to celebrate. I made the salad and pasta. Dan cooked the shrimp and it was amazing!!! He even opened a bottle of Pinot Noir to go with it despite having an open bottle of Merlot in the cupboard. πŸ₯³

Now for the beef! Actually, it is my own fault so I shouldn’t beef about it but here goes. πŸ˜’ I have a BAD habit – and it is driving me nuts.

Every morning I get up and read the local paper online while I have my coffee. It is not the news that makes me nuts. For the most part our news is more non-news than anything. There are great things that happen here. There are terrible things that happen here. Our media reports the news that doesn’t happen here. On tv they report the news that doesn’t happen at 5 pm and then repeat it at 6pm. (IE They air an interview with a golfer who did not get hit by lightning at 5 – and then they repeat it at 6. If said golfer is super excited about not getting hit by lightning they will repeat the interview twice a day for two or three days in a row). 🀦

The bulk of our newspaper focusses on sports (which I don’t read), obituaries (which I do read. So far they haven’t mentioned me πŸ‘), advertisements and politics. I scan the politics. I can deal with the political ‘news’.

What I cannot handle, and can’t seem to stop myself from doing, is reading the reader comments. The majority of the comments are posted by the MOB club. (miserable old bastards). OMG!!! Same thing, day in and day out. These pathetic old souls are so hard done by! They can’t even agree with themselves from one day to the next but God forbid if anyone disagrees with them!

I need to stop reading these stupid comments. They are not a positive start to my day. I could care less what these miserable, self-centred, arrogant, bullies think. But I cannot help myself. Good grief, I am starting to sound as pathetic as they are. 😟.

Keep safe and have a great weekend! πŸ’

Another Week of Retirement

It is no secret that I am enjoying retirement. There is much to enjoy! Even the downsides of life are less down than before retirement – like health issues. It sucks to be sickly but it doesn’t suck as much as being sickly at work, or taking time off work to be sickly, knowing that work is piling up on my desk. Being financially challenged sucks, but it sucks a lot less than when you are working your butt off five days a week to cover working expenses. Miserable weather is still miserable, but hardly noticeable when you have the luxury of seeing it through a window!

This week I had the pleasure of dealing with one of life’s downsides. I got to do our taxes. Yay!!! Six hours of searching for documents, replacing printer cartridges, filling the paper tray on the printer, deciphering government directions, data entry, checking, rebooting the computer, correcting, and rechecking! Arghh! Bottomline? Thanks to ‘senior credits’ and ‘pension sharing rules’, we both got nice tax refunds at the end of the day. ☺️

Having completed our taxes, it is back to retirement – taking a relaxing bath at 10 am, working out with my husband at 2 pm, hanging out with my little dog all day long, and working on my crocheted blanket while Dan watches tv. Life is good. 🌞

Have a good week and enjoy my favourite tune of the day. πŸ’ž

Happy Birthday, DanπŸŽ‚

Dan with his family – Cason, Gabby, Amanda and LucasπŸ’“

My son Dan is celebrating his birthday today. We cannot be with him as he lives hours away, but we are thinking of him and wishing him all the best – today and always.

When people talk about nature versus nurture, I think Dan is the perfect example of nature. He hit the decks running, big hearted, and good-natured. Forty-one years later, after taking everything that life could throw at him – Dan is still ready to go, big hearted, and good natured! (although apparently his good nature was a bit lacking the day Cason locked him out of his truck) 🀣🀣🀣

The only thing better than having a child like Dan, is seeing the man that he became. πŸ‘

In My Own Mind

As with anything else in life, retirement is pretty much what you make of it. Regardless of actual circumstances, there are people who enjoy it and make the most of it and those who are miserable.

People who have typically been happy and content throughout life, have little trouble adjusting to retirement. They take it upon themselves to find ways to keep active, which will in turn help to keep them healthy. They use their time on worthwhile and satisfying endeavors, they keep engaged and in touch with their family, friends and community. And finally, they take a sensible approach to their finances, ensuring that they live within their means.

On the other hand, if someone has been relatively miserable throughout their life, clinging to a victim or poverty mentality, blaming others for challenges in their life and making others responsible for their happiness and well-being, then retirement is not going to go well for them . They are on a collision course with declining health, a deteriorating mind, loneliness, boredom, depression and financial issues

If you have gotten into the habit of being pessimistic and miserable. it is never too late to change. These days, it seems that many seniors take pride in being miserable, like it is a badge of honor. It is not. It does nothing for you and nothing for those around you. It is not anyone’s responsibility but your own to make your life, at any stage, meaningful and pleasant. If you do not know how, start reading. There are numerous self-help books available. They may not be geared towards retirement and not every one may be as meaningful or as helpful as others, but if you keep reading and searching, you will find helpful advice. If you are not inclined to read, take a walk or do anything positive and pro-active. Start taking responsibility for your attitude and you will find that you ultimately have the power to improve your life.

If you are the partner of someone who tends to be miserable, you need to know that you cannot make someone else be happy if they choose not to be. You can destroy your own happiness and contentment trying and they will be no less miserable. You may believe you are making them happier by sacrificing your needs for their wants, because they are momentarily happy to have what they want, but that does not make them happy. That just encourages them to keep being miserable to get more of what they want. Couples spend a lot of time together in retirement. If your partner is the type to be miserable, you need to make it very clear that you are not responsible for their happiness so they can address their issues.

If you or your partner are typically happy and well adjusted, a sudden change in attitude could be brought on by medical issues and should be checked out by a professional, sooner than later. Even if a serious medical issue is found to be the problem, it is ultimately easier and less stressful to actually know what is causing the problem and deal with it, than to deal with the unknown. Once you regain control of your mindset, you will be back on track for the retirement you deserve.