Another Round of Elephants

It has been a bit since I posted photos of my elephants.  These are just a few of my random favourites.  That is not quite accurate.  Every one of my elephants is my favourite.

A ‘Dumbo’ collectors elephant from my daughter.  He should be kept in original packaging but then I would not get to thoroughly enjoy him.
Oriental Harmony Balls
Scented Oil Diffuser – A bit off track here but did you know you should avoid certain scents if you have animals?  Dogs are adversely affected by eucalyptus.  They become lethargic and depressed by it.  Strange but true. 
An Elephant Jewellery Box
An Elephant Ring Box
Two Elephant Pins & A Ring – I also have an elephant bracelet that I received for speaking at a career day for Genie’s class but it is out for repairs at the moment.
Tea Diffuser Elephant That I Received for Christmas From Son Danny & Amanda
Glow in the Dark Elephant
My PrimRose Elephant. She was only two 🤷He stayed on the elephant shelf🤣

These are just a very few of the elephants I have. I have everything from a huge stuffed elephant to outdoor elephants to micro mini elephants. I saved one very special elephant for grandson Rory’s birthday post tomorrow. 😉

Take care and have a great day. 🐘🐘


9 thoughts on “Another Round of Elephants

  1. I have a collection of angel figurines. I didn’t set out to collect them. It started with a Christmas gift from my hubby and morphed from there as family members noticed I had a few sitting around. I DID want to collect owls, but somehow the word never got out, so angels it is.


  2. Thank you! I have done 3 or 4 posts and I still quite a few to go. It would be so cool to go on a safari and see real elephants! That must have been amazing. I have an Instagram friend who took some pictures of real elephants and sent them to me. I am remodeling our spare room and using the to make a big wall hanging.

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  3. Lol. Owls would be cool but harder to find. I could not find an elephant on our trip to Ontario a few years back and I never did. I found lots of black bears but Dan said it would be cheating to settle. I only have one angel. It is a cute little silver locket. I like angles but I only have room for one collection so elephants it is.

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  4. Early in our marriage finding owls was easy – angels was not. But it seems owls have become popular once again. I don’t often see elephants either so it must be a bit of a challenge, which makes them even more celebrated when you do I would imagine. 🙂

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