August 14 – Wedding Prep

Bonzzinis for Lunch

Dan and I went shopping this morning for clothing to wear for son Dan’s wedding. Things did not start well. My go to shop (Suzy Shiers) at Southland has closed down permanently. Doubly disappointing as I just read that they had taken over the La Chateau line – and they were my favourite is go to place for ages before they closed down.

We tried Cleo’s and the woman there was just the sweetest but she only had one dress that I thought would be great. It would have been except the top was two sizes too big and the bottom was two sizes too small. It was also one of those super wierd designs that are impossible to get in to. I got my head stuck on an armhole – twice. πŸ™„

Finally, we went to Suzanne’s and yay! I found the perfect outfit and it is the perfect fit – and it was on SALE! I am so grateful that I found it at the first mall we went to.

We tried a couple of men’s shops and Dan got a pair of dress pants – smaller than he has worn for years but a perfect fit. (No doubt another bonus from working in the melt shop all summer!) He did not find a shirt he liked but he is off the next few days so he will do more shopping around

We were pleased enough with our shopping finds that we went to Bonzzini’s for lunch. I had my beef dip and Dan had his club house. Both were amazing.

After lunch we stopped by Walmart to pick up a few things and I found myself a new blow-drier and it was on SALE. We stopped at one other shop and I scored three new camisole type shirts – on SALE!

Very grateful that I got everything I needed and did not break the bank. 😊

Have to head out to deal with my poor neglected yard.

Have a great day and I will see you tomorrow!πŸ’ž


23 thoughts on “August 14 – Wedding Prep

  1. Thank you, John. They actually made it legal on December 31st but everything got locked down here mid December so we had to be there in spirit (& via web link of sorts). This is their reception.

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  2. It was great for us. I hope the great deals are not a sign that a lot of brick and mortar retailers are struggling. I could have bought sight unseen when I was younger but now I can’t imagine getting a fit that way. πŸ™„

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  3. I hope too that is not a sign. There are several around me that have closed down permanently…it is so sad. I have to alter anything I wear if I buy in a store or online. The petites that used to fit are now too long.

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  4. I also have that issue. I fell a few years ago and messed up one of my shoulders badly. I had to have surgery which left that shoulder smaller than it was. So one of my arms is shorter than the other which makes it even more difficult to get sleeves to work right on me.

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  5. I am sorry. I have multiple hernias (a larger umbilical one). My waistline is a thing of the past. From what I understand, even once I have the surgery (whenever that happens) they use a mesh that holds everything in but it is thick enough to be noticeable. 🀷

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  6. Glad to hear the shopping trips ended in success!! I haven’t been inside a store to buy clothes since the start of the pandemic, but I will have to sooner or later as there are just some things you just can’t buy online!

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  7. I would definitely struggle to buy clothes online. I could have done it years ago but now nothing fits properly – especially one piece outfits like dresses or jumpers. I don’t know how anyone does.

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