August 18th – Rain Day 🌧️

I was so grateful to wake up this morning to a nice rainy day. We needed the moisture. Dan and I fertilized the front lawn yesterday so this is perfect. (Ok. Dan fertilized and I watched Dan fertilize. Either way, the job got done. 😂).

It is also much cooler today. It is cool enough that I have our back door closed. In the spring, I cannot wait to leave the back door open so we can enjoy the fresh air and Kat can go in and out on her own. After a few months of constant sirens, vehicle traffic, neighbourhood noises, barking dogs, and the like, I am so happy to have a day of peace and quiet! Dan is at work so there is no tv. Erin called in sick today so I will not have Dom. I have nothing but peace and quiet to fill my day!

Peace and quiet are such precious commodities. There are so many people who need to have SOUND – all of the time! Even out in nature, amongst the babbling brooks and baby birds, there are people who need to bring or create noise . 🤷 Of course, that means no peace and quiet for people like me. 😟

So this is my kind of day and I plan to cherish every moment of it. 🤗

As will Kat, as soon as she finishes her nap.

Rain or shine, I hope you have a beautiful day! Take care and I will see you tomorrow. 💞

One of my favourite peaceful places – nature hike at Souris, Manitoba💞


8 thoughts on “August 18th – Rain Day 🌧️

  1. It definitely works for me! It is not that I dislike people. It is just that I really like peace and quiet. I have had precious little of it in my lifetime so I am making up for it now when I can. 🤗

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