Bits and Pieces

I just have a couple of bits and pieces to share today. 😉

First up – Over the past few days, Dan and I have celebrated my birthday and our wedding anniversary. As always, my sister Elaine was thoughtful enough to send us beautiful handcrafted cards to mark the occasions.

My photography does not do them justice. The needlepoint images are padded and both are exquisite! 💞

Secondly – I promised then and now photos of Genie with Molly.

Then – Two months ago when Genie was leaving on the first leg of her summer adventure.
Now – Molly is quite a bit bigger and Genie is actually quite a bit smaller (thinner) than she was when she left.
Molly was determined to let Genie know how much she missed her.

That is it for today. A beautiful sunny day out so I should get Molly fed and get outside to do a bit of yardwork before it gets too warm.

Take care and have a great day! 💞🌞


14 thoughts on “Bits and Pieces

  1. That’s a win-win for Genie! ❤️ Your sister is very talented, the cards are very beautiful, AnneMarie! Have a beautiful Day! 🇨🇦❤️

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  2. Those cards are so beautiful, and yes, your sis is very talented! I also noticed Genie looks more “grown-up” with her new countenance (travel and work?) and hairdo. It is very becoming. Molly of course, is as gorgeous as ever–that was quite the load with her sitting on Genie! And, I note your new gravatar as well, and I like it–your countenance looks relaxed, satisfied, and happy! Way to go on all accounts.

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  3. Thank you on all accounts! Genie does look more her age and much happier coming home than she looked when she was leaving, but she is way too thin. I will be glad when she gets back home in September so she can ease off work and take better care of herself. She is working way too much and she can’t really cook proper meals for herself on the road.


  4. Genie and Molly are gorgeous! I just want to put my hands deep into Molly’s fur and pet her for hours! Your sister is a true artisan… cross-stitching is (sadly) a bit of a lost art. Happy belated birthday and anniversary! Love and light from the Sonoran Desert, Girl! ✨💜✨

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  5. Thank you! They are at that. Not sure you would want to bury your hands in Molly’s fur. I brush her daily but she is generally packing tree branches, leaves, grass, and sand despite my best efforts. 🙄. Have a great day, Sonoran Desert Girl! 💞🌞


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