I finally received all of my test results back and saw my specialist last week. Yea, I have bronchiectasis. (Because I couldn’t get something I can pronounce). 🤦

As diseases/conditions go, it isn’t the worst one to get. It is rather miserable since it makes it difficult to breathe, which is never fun (my bronchial tubes are swollen up from scar tissue and the like). It is chronic but can be managed with medication and exercise. I do have to go to the hospital for more testing and I am not thrilled about that. But, it is not fatal – so there is that. 😊

It is rather damp and chilly out today but I had better get out there and get walking. I have to work to get my lung function and blood oxygen level up. 🙄

Have a great day🌞


29 thoughts on “Bronchiectasis

  1. Remember the Olympic bi-athlete Jackie Joyner Kersee? She was asmatic. I think thats why she started running.
    No I cant picture us running😆. You go girl!

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  2. It is incredibly cold to start walking about with a lung condition. You may find it useful to wear a scarf over your mouth to warm the air a little as you breathe it down. Stay warm with that chest as if you get cold it will be more likely for you to pick up a virus. Stay safe.

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  3. I’m so sorry that you have had this diagnosis. I see you’ve also kept your sense of humour in spite of the bad news. The cold air can be hard on your lungs, but wearing masks will help to warm you up. Sending you healing thoughts.

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  4. Thank you. On top of trying to be as active as possible, I have started listening to ‘singing bowls’ and meditating. It is easier to breathe if one is relaxed. Except I get so relaxed when I meditate that I fall asleep. Hopefully the singing bowls will work even if I am out cold🙄😂

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  5. The singing bowls will work even when you’re out cold. Do you listen to Temple Sounds on YouTube? I’m subscribed to their channel. They use antique bowls, crystals and themed meditations. It’s not sound engineered so very pure sounds.

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  6. Sorry to hear of your illness, hope the tests have good results. I agree about getting some exercise but cold air is hard on the lungs.

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  7. Hey sister. Love your blogs. Glad you’re still trucking even though I worry about your gracefulness. Stay safe. Will talk soon. Busy week ahead.

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  8. So sorry to hear this, Anne Marie. Big big hug🤗. Like you said walking is good to help beak up the mucus in the lungs. Swimming too I read was good for bronchiectasis for the same reason. I know a lot of people aren’t comfortable with swimming for many reasons, but it’s one of those activities where you do get better and better at it, and it even can become like a meditation where you’re in your own zone. One of the best overall body exercises. Don’t be intimidated. Lap swimmers just jump in, do their deal, and get out. Keep chin uP, focus on the light within and around you, and continue to breath in peace fully and send out much love❤️

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  9. Gotcha. My daughter is a whole other story. The short story she’s back home and living in an apartment about 20 minutes away from me with her boyfriend. She learned a lot of good life lessons in Hawaii. 😊

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