January 27th – Nearing the End

We are seeing the tail end of January and we can already see and feel the difference. The days are dawning earlier and the sun is setting later. The ‘warmer’ days are getting warmer and the cold days do not seem quite as cold. Maybe I am acclimatizing.

I cannot say too much about my cooking efforts yesterday.

Supper was leftover gnocchi stew with garlic toast in lieu of the crusty buns we had for the stew debut.
I did assemble some spices and Parmesan cheese to make a fresh batch of croutons.
Bread cubes oiled and seasoned.
Out of the air frier and ready to go!
And.. Another evening with Orville Redenbacher

That is it for today. Take care and have a great day!

Getting excited anticipating sunny skies and frilly flowers. 💞


18 thoughts on “January 27th – Nearing the End

  1. I think the stew looks totally delicious, AnnMarie! I’m glad to see the days getting longer down here too, yay! It’s so weird to turn my outside lights on at 4 or 4:30 in the afternoon. We do the stupid daylight saving time thing, do you?

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  2. I love leftovers, croutons (I don’t make my own but you might have convinced me to try) and popcorn is one of my favorite foods. I eat it for supper about once a week. Never got on the microwave train for popcorn though. We use a Stir Crazy pot, yellow Jolly Time kernels (huge factory in Sioux City, Iowa where we lived when we eloped in 1969) and real butter. Makes my mouth water. I love that it’s staying light a bit longer! Have a great day Anne…

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  3. We started making our own croutons when they banned bulk bins at the beginning of the pandemic. They were selling the ones I liked for 10 croutons for over $2.00 in little plastic container. That wasn’t happening! We decided ours were way cheaper and WAY better with way less salt. I love popcorn and butter! I used to use Jolly Time popcorn. I don’t know if we can still buy it here. Have a great rest of the day, Neese!

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  4. That’s outrageous for croutons! I buy a bag of garlicky ones for a buck when they’re on sale about once a month, which is why I’m not sure they’re worth the effort to make my own. Jolly Time is the best! Costs about 2 dollars for 2 pounds here…

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  5. I don’t know why croutons are so rediculous here. Those bulk ones are the only ones I like. Most of ours are like little pieces of cement. 🤨. I don’t know what we pay for popcorn. It is one of those things that Dan always buys.

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