January 27th – Nearing the End

We are seeing the tail end of January and we can already see and feel the difference. The days are dawning earlier and the sun is setting later. The ‘warmer’ days are getting warmer and the cold days do not seem quite as cold. Maybe I am acclimatizing.

I cannot say too much about my cooking efforts yesterday.

Supper was leftover gnocchi stew with garlic toast in lieu of the crusty buns we had for the stew debut.
I did assemble some spices and Parmesan cheese to make a fresh batch of croutons.
Bread cubes oiled and seasoned.
Out of the air frier and ready to go!
And.. Another evening with Orville Redenbacher

That is it for today. Take care and have a great day!

Getting excited anticipating sunny skies and frilly flowers. 💞


January 12th – Hotdog!

We are still enjoying the break in our weather with the mercury reaching temperatures on the positive side today. It is only here for a few days, but we will take anything we can get.

Since I made a relatively hearty breakfast yesterday morning, we opted for another quick, easy supper.    We enjoyed the last of the smoky beans from a couple of nights ago, served up with hotdogs and a handful of potato chips.  For desert, we finished off the last of the saucy butterscotch pudding that I made earlier this week.

I am not a fan of condiments but a little of my homemade garlic dill relish on a hotdog definitely kicks it up a notch.
With all that cooking time I saved last night, I was able to finish the puzzle I have been working on. 😉

Now all I have to do, is find myself a new winter project. It is bit early for bedding plants, but I could spend some time perusing seed catalogues! This warm spell has me seriously dreaming of spring. 🌱

My 2021 Seedlings

That is it for today. Take care and have a great day! 💞